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Xillian and Bellatrix wax stun to see this. Two new beings entering their castle that looks exactly like… them- almost. There was one with red hair, not as dark as Bellatrix's but fair. Crimson, the girl standing next to the white wearing kimono girl name Audrey stood beside her. Her hair was similar to Xillian's. The four girls just glance at each other in mere silence. Xillian burst into laughter along with Crimson. Audrey and Bellatrix raise an eyebrow staring at their girl.

"Why are you laughing?" Audrey and Bellatrix announce in unison.

"Because," Xillian and Crimson respond having different answer. "It's funny that they look like us." reply Crimson.

"It's funny that they're use in a different way." The two replied differently… but the meaning and purpose was the same. The four stop to chat and dine with one another. Although Xillian didn't eat anything, she was talking to her counterpart as Audrey and Bellatrix were lightly talking to one another.

"You're woman is strangely like mine…" Audrey comments whispering lowly, "Do you know how scary that is?"

"No offense," Bellatrix started, "You don't have a tickler in the house-"

"Crimson is a tickler actually…" Audrey corrected.

"Really? Well…" the two girls shut up hearing their allies stop their talking.

"What about us…" Xillian starts giving a wide smirk as Crimson finishes that sentence, "Being ticklers?" The two girls blush glancing away. Crimson and Xillian just gave some cheerful smiles. Xillian felt relieve she can actually relate a lot of stuff towards her own self, but not really herself! Although…. Christian enters the scene scratching his head. There was something wrong as he enters.

"What's the problem now?" Xillian asks folding her arms beneath her breasts and having her legs fold over one another.

"These Amazon Giants are actually wrecking too much havoc around the villages outside the protected walls. They crush down some farms, took away some lands and their making a huge nuisance… The people are getting rather icky on this."

"Kill them." Xillian coldly states as Crimson shook her head.

"Why kill something that can easily be… persuaded?" those words made Xillian think… dirty. Bellatrix and Audrey notice the words Crimson said. The dark armored woman got up saying in front of Xillian, "You know… Giants are quite rare to have in an army… Since me and Audrey personally had some armored males- but females… They could help you even more! I mean… They're feisty and much more stubborn to get taken down…." Audrey knew what Crimson was getting at.

"Oh no! You're just doing this out of your-"

"Hush!" Crimson said stopping her white kimono ally. Xillian was really moved by her words. Female Giants were rare to come by… And their Amazons, prideful women who would show themselves above the rest. Xillian could use some help to boost morale and standards.

"You got me." Xillian comments as Bellatrix blush.

"Are you mad!? These things can kill us!" That was also try. Giants would easily flick and fling the mere human towards the sky and make them go through two of the atmosphere layers before impacting hard on the ground… Or over exaggerating it but you get the point.

"Ha, like some Giants can make Xillian the almighty scared." Those words made Xillian move even more. Crimson gave a smirk knowing her own self too well glancing at her same counterpart get fired up.

"Let's." The four of them set of to find a Giant.

"So you were hinting at capturing one and tickling them right?" Xillian asks. Audrey shook hr head embarrass. She whispers to Bellatrix, away from the two white hair girls, "This is what Crimson ALWAYS talked about in her dreams…"

"Really? Glad it's not some sick jokes of tentacles crawling all around you-"

"I had that happen to me!" Audrey yells getting all red.

"Stop whispering you two!" yell Xillian and Crimson. The two of them were intensely discussing their plans. They rode off into the woods blinking at the very ideal of this.

"Like we can get big coils of rope!?" Bellatrix comment. Spoke too soon.

"Yep, we enlarged it!" Xillian comment showing bigger rope able to actually become the size of a car. The two girls had giant blushes and sweat drops glancing at one another. They're fucking with them, right? The giant rope would be useful… True, it wasn't that thick, thin enough to tie the toes… But the question is, how are they're going to literally tie her up.

"And how are you going to make sure the Giant Amazon is bound and stuck?!"

"Don't forget," Audrey added onto Bellatrix question, "Keep her quiet."

"We're both mages silly." That comment was true. Even though Crimson wasn't a full mage, she knows her way to use certain magic. Xillian, off the bat, is a fucking witch, she can do whatever she wants to someone easily.

"And… How about the screaming and reinforcements…?"

"I have spells… God, you two are really hating this idea- go, shoo!" Crimson comments as the two girls were getting ready. Audrey folds her arms disappointed in this scheme as Bellatrix felt rather icky on helping the two girls doing this.

"How do you even lure a Giant Amazon- Oh no…" Audrey notice the move as the two of them were suddenly dragged to… Go find their camp. The two females knew their way back but sigh as they went towards the certain location.

"We're going…. To die."

"And we're tempting their leader too…" Audrey comments feeling a bit red, "I-I don't mock women… I-I love them too much…" Bellatrix blushes. "Crimson is your girl right….?"

"She's my girlfriend. That's a title and a privilege. Everyone else is also a person I love and like and such…. I-I'm a full lesbian and I can't hurt a women's hearts… SO YOU DO IT." Bellatrix sigh blushing. She never mocked a Giant- well there was some ways to actually upset a girl so easily. The two of them were at the gates glancing at the armored Amazons pointing their huge spears towards their small selves.

"P-parley!" Audrey said… Whispering quickly, "You're doing the rest of the talking. The two were watch by the Giants feeling quite uncomfortable. Audrey, however, was blushing too red and losing herself seeing some features that made her gawk and stare madly.

"Hey, Ness, some small humans want to speak terms…" the warrior sigh and steps out of the big tent. They were at least the size of a made shape house, two stories. Their actually feet were at least bigger than the tallest male and their breasts were enormous- excuse Audrey's dirty thoughts slipping in thinking about their cum and their vagina. Audrey was now in lala land as Bellatrix glance at their leader.

She had long hazel hair. Her light tan skin was quite dazzling making Bellatrix blush. Her eyes weren't piercing, but they were elegant. They had the sense of security and care. Her eyes were somewhat covered by her curve strands of hair as her body was literally curved and taken care of. She had very little clothing. She only had some giant brown like wool covering the vital areas to cover. There was a tank top over her breasts made out of some brown fur as her lower body was wearing some type of shorts. The shoes were made out of some leather showing some fabricated light brown grayish socks. Her ankles up to her knee were covered in some brown fur cover as her body was a bit higher than the two stories. Her breasts were huge- from what the two could clearly see Giants were actually amazing to glance at… Since they're girls. They were at least D or E, imagine that on a Giant now. The very sexy and appealing woman gaze at the two small females tapping her foot. The move made the two snap back into reality…

"And what do you want?"  she said a bit piss but very patient to hear.

"Um…" Bellatrix couldn't say shit hearing the words Audrey said. Bellatrix is slowly falling to the shyness, unable to eve make something up.

"Wow…" Bellatrix said, "For an annoying and pestering bitch, you sure know how to make someone excited. Fucking our people, then fucking our minds right now by your very presence is really making us feel… special and we know love your big size shits…" All of the Giants began to get… aggravated. Audrey quickly lash at the reigns, "And y-you're quite cowardly to chase after us alone leader of the cowards!" Audrey bit her own tongue knowing she had to add that. If they didn't get a Giant, especially their leader, to fall into the trap… The two will expect huge tickle torture on THEIR soles. The two small females were already out of the camp. The Giants were going to kick their asses until the leader made sure they didn't.

"They're mine!" She began to run right after them… And the sudden feeling of a Giant chasing after them so quickly was making the horses seem like the slow ones. Luckily Audrey was able to boost their speed using one spell… That will work for a good while… They rush through the forest dodging the trees and hoping they remember their way through such fear and panic. They succeeded. The Giant Amazon leader was clueless to the actually two mages. The sudden move of a tree root moving and tripping her made her fall down a hill. The warrior was turning, and rolling down the hill cursing and screaming. When she reach the bottom, she began to groan. The trees were now moving creatures. Xillian and Crimson had to combine some spells to make them living. The giant trees were able to surround the Giant leader. Before she even screamed, a cloth was secured around her mouth as her eyes were wide open surprise. Her arms were going to toss the trees unable to. Luckily for the small humans, these trees were so old their roots were unable to get pulled off from the ground. Two of the trees began to wrap their special branches around her hands and arms lifting them up. She began to kick viciously shaking the earth. The legs were secured tightly by some branches as she began to grow frustrated, her face growing a bit desperate. Her eyes were glaring at the four of them cursing and showing anger. Her body was tilted against the hill she rolled off from. Her back was against the hill wrapped by the branches and roots. The branches were around her arms too, making sure they wouldn't move, not even the fingers. Her lower body was secured tightly by the tough roots as her big shoes began to kick around. Sadly, Audrey got in the way feeling the sudden movement hitting the girl's head. She fell onto the ground as Crimson glares at the giant. The Giant Amazon was happy she got one of them.

"You son of a bitch." she comment, "I was going to take my time slowly and easily… But I'm going to be ruthless… Your left breast is showing." That comment made the girl glance down blushing at her own tan breast popping out. Xillian giggles as Bellatrix says, "And how are we going to tickle the giant?" Those words made the Giant move around viciously. Crimson duck from the flailing getting annoyed. She drag Audrey on the floor noticing her sudden wake up.

"Grr… Did she hit me in the head?! That's it, the gloves are coming off!" The giant was afraid, it was written all over her face as Xillian gave a smirk.

"How about this… You agree NOT to attack my land ever again… And work for me." That comment made her mad. She began to blow off some steam. She didn't like that idea. Xillian could easily read this Giant's mind. Strange… This creature dragon was leading this monster rebellion… Interesting. The Giant stops her thoughts quickly thinking about something from the silence. Xillian blush lightly as the Giant roared something at Xillian.

"Yes, I can read your feeble mind," Xillian comments, "And thinking like that didn't stop me from getting EVERYTHING." The Giant's face blush turning away.

"Ness right?" Xillian continues telling everything about the girl, "Your entire body is ticklish. From the feet, to the vagina, to your breasts, especially at the nipples, and your stomach…. However your underarms are extremely ticklish out of all the spots." The giant began to sweat trying to reason with Xillian. Fear was going to her, and Xillian loves it. She couldn't resist but jump onto the girl's flesh belly hearing a sudden squeal. The three girls glance and watch Xillian go on.

"The very way to get you so arouse is by simply doing this… Twirling a single motion around your breasts… God, they're big!" Xillian made a remark but watch the Giant struggle. The roots were holding her still except her head and feet. The Giant was shaking madly but Xillian was able to stroke the outer shape of her breasts.

"Oh, and to speed things up…" Xillian lower herself to like the small portion underneath her nipples sending the girl into laughter. "Don't worry. I'll make sure you're going to love this treatment. You won't faint, and you're in our mercy…" Xillian comments as she continues to tease the left bare breasts. Bellatrix was already gone tickling the right side of her bare flesh side. Ness tries to turn her body to the left, not budging. Audrey and Crimson just gave a wide smirk. Crimson motion her hands to the branches and vines to take off her shoes. The sudden move made the Giant scream.

"You're second spot you hate being tickled at is your feet," Xillian loves to tease her prey, "Although with the socks on… You're not extremely ticklish, but tickling it in a certain way will break you into such. For example, and maybe even a good hint…" Ness felt her heels getting secured by layers of branches underneath them, holding her feet utterly still except her toes. She couldn't flail them around or kick them. She began to groan and curse.

"Tickle her heels, use all ten fingers and don't hold back." Audrey and Crimson position themselves at her heel, surprise that her feet were twice as large than their height. The two girls smirk having their nails scratch viciously at the big heel. Ness was laughing madly. Tears were already forming.

"Aw, you're telling me more! You shouldn't!" Xillian tease knowing how to get this girl into hysterical. Ness was begging. Xillian blush hearing her maddened thoughts. There was some cursing, to simply begging, and than the cute gibberish laughter language that Xillian loves to hear. This girl couldn't stand it. And this was just the start of it all. Xillian didn't halt her own fun. She now ran her entire arm viciously against the side of her left breasts watching her explode. She added more laughter feeling Bellatrix explode some raspberries using her entire mouth and wetting the certain right sides.  The two girls at her feet were still tickling her heels making her toes wiggle around madly. They all stop as Xillian asks, "Now… Do you surrender?" The answer was a no. Xillian could sense the insecurity of her tribes safety if they betray the dragon.

"Jeez, you really love this huh?" Xillian knew what she must do. To actually persuade this woman, they will make her cum a mess by tickling her nonstop. Xillian nods her head as the tickling was starting again. This time, however, Xillian left her breasts to the strange leafy vines going in at least huge numbers to gang up on her right side, stomach, and her left bare breasts. The move made the girl explode. The very soft tips were like feathers, although their points were much more stiff and sending such sensations that Ness was squirming around in her tight bonds.

"Your left underarm doesn't like this?" Xillian began to tease the big hollow space hearing the girl jerk and explode into a bigger and louder laughter almost exploding from the gag. Xillian wasn't doing it that badly. She was just… rolling her index and middle finger up and down her left pits… They're so big, how can this tickle?

"Let's add two now…" Xillian drags at least four fingers up and down at the very center hearing Ness beginning so viciously and so beautifully. 'It tickles, stop!' or 'I beg you, you're going to make me wet!' These were all ignored but kept into Xillian's dirty dirty fantasy world. Xillian slowed down the tickling sending her even deeper into laughter. The move made Xillian question something. This wasn't… Her ticklish spot that would drive her mad. True, it was the ticklish spot, but she's hiding another one… Xillian kept tickling slowly but drive that one finger deeper into her skin. This was unbearable as her secret was spelled out… 'Don't do it to my feet, please don't do it to my feet!' Those words were… confusing. Was there something that she wasn't admitting?

"Take off those socks." Xillian comment. Ness began to panic. She curl her toes holding the socks wouldn't budge. Sadly, the branches just pull them off revealing her very large and rather unwrinkled soles, until they began to tease Audrey and Crimson by curling themselves up. Maybe….

"Tie her toes with this…" Xillian motion Crimson to do same move. The rope they enlarge was pulled out as Ness face went pale through the force blush and tears. She began to curse, scream, trying to defend her toes. Ah… That was what she was referring to. Utter immobilization. She hated it. Her underarms are her weak spot, but to get at some other ones, you have to restrict them to the fullest… Her neck was wrapped around by a vine making sure it was held still and looking at her tied toes pulled taunt by the branches. Her toes couldn't budge, quivering very little, or barely. She began to cry. 'Why?'

"No offense… We'll be glad to protect you from that tyrant. Why would beautiful giants serve such a tyrant? Even though he threatened everyone- do you truly want that? How about your people and the future?  How do you know he won't kill you all after he gets what he wants?" Those question silence Ness as she was blushing madly saying nothing. 'L-let me go.' Was all she thought about.

"Jeez, let's make you underpass these emotions…" Xillian left her armpits going to her very toes. All of the girls surrounded her feet as they all gave a playful smirk. Ness turn her brown hair self noticing the sudden close ups. 'Don't you dare!' She exclaims.

"Too bad." Xillian comments. Her feet were so big, they can all fuck around with it… The girls use their hands to scribble around the big feet. Audrey and Crimson spread their hands through the middle, downwards as Bellatrix and Xillian tickled her at the upper half of her feet. The four sets of hands were making the girl explode. Her feet were motionless, squirming lightly at their tickling frenzy. The tie held her toes still as her heel was trembling against the roots. The girls made it worse. They were licking her feet. They purposely let saliva run all over her feet. They were running their hands against the wet feeling making it tingle and spike the sensations. The Giant was above her usually laughter as her tears were exploding. Her nipples were getting arouse, her body was maddened by the overwhelming sensations as her body began to feel too tingly. Her mouth began to drool on the gag. The words were running through Xillian, 'stop', but it was silence when the girls tickled her for a good two minutes. They didn't let a single area go un lick. The four girls were showing no mercy to Ness as her feet were actually tasty. For a Giant and for a warrior to have done so much with them, the girls were actually tasting some scented and flavor coming from the giant feet. They were purposely overdoing their salvia actually pretending they were eating some cherry. Ness was now swayed in much of her stench and sweating mess to do anything. Ness passes out. Xillian notice what happened. Something was watching them. Crimson even notice the intense atmosphere.

"We're going to take her back with us…" those words made Audrey and Bellatrix glance at each other. They would ask how they were going to carry a Giant Amazon back… But staring at the Giant's body made all four of them want more… To tickle and get at this giant so badly just to fulfill their desires….
Like I said before, or Cheryl's words, this was a random story that just came into mind
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Wow Nice! You should Write an Epilogue!
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Planning too~ Working on the listed projects from journal P:
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