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Jessica shook her head in confusion. She just got up noticing the area. Was she still in their world? She recall the sudden path she, Audrey, and Kat took. It was suppose to take them to a different realm- Well... This is a strange place. Not even the forest, Jessica stare around the dark complex. She scratch her head walking around the place. She found Kat on the ground.

"Kat!" Jessica said. She was a human again. Surprising she wasn't her arachnid form. She woke up drooling, "You woke me up from tickling you- I mean hiya!" she said realizing that they were together.

"W-what happened?" Kat got up posing. She thought to herself shaking her head.

"That can't be... We're not in our correct worlds..."

"Does that explain the reason why you're legs are pants and feet."

"I'm glad to have these again..." Kat said trying to hug her own legs, "Having eight was hard to walk with, thinking about it..."

"Get serious," Jessica said, "Where are you?"

"I'm assuming it has to do with a glitch... And we're in some random past... We're in a cellar. Look." Kat pointed above them exiting the ground. The entire place was empty as they wander into the city. Kat nod in correction of something.

"What is it?"

"1500... Around the Renaissance Era. This was a human civil movement to get away from Christianity authorities and assert powers back to the monarchy."

"Yeah... Where's Audrey?" pose Jessica glancing around the empty city...


"Woman, lie down your arms!" Audrey yell. She grunted as she ran quickly through the streets. A purple hair girl was following Audrey through the streets. She had a dark trench coat hat with a red feather. Her purple hair was following her. She had dark piercing eyes targeting Audrey. Her fur jacket was tight around her showing her agile self and physically fit. She had dark sneakers and pants. She didn't give any doubt about letting this one go.

"I got some question for you!" yelled Orhene. That was the strange girl. She was around 6'0, an inch taller than Audrey. She had a gun... Audrey didn't thought it hurt, but it was worst. That one shot made her neck fell a sudden sensation she hated.

"Look!" Audrey yell jumping over the girl. Orhene blast several shots as she try to keep up with Audrey's physics, "Can't we talk!?"

"You tickled me!" Orhene yelled. Tickled? Audrey almost stop but found a shot stopping her. It miss, "My gun has infinite amount of ammo. Tell me where! For the last time!" She had piercing eyes glaring at Audrey. Audrey gave the same treatment saying, "Woman... Even if you're older than me by some two years doesn't mean squat!" She pull the trigger as Audrey duck. The woman notice as she turn herself around to halt Audrey's attempt to grab the gun. The two were quickly sparing backing away. Orhene lower her gun. Audrey was still on her alert.

"You're not them... They would have surrender when I pointed the gun. Who are you?" Audrey lower herself saying, "My name is Audrey..."

"Orhene." she said as she put her gun away. Audrey remember what happened to her group. She was able to actually jump through the void without getting transported somewhere else. She asked the female, "Do you know these two girls name Kat and Jessica-" The woman glare at her.

"They're the names that capture me!" Audrey doubted it but found a smile happening...

"You're going to tickle them, aren't you? For information, right?" Audrey couldn't help but get back at her girlfriend. Orhene nod at the idea.

"Alright... You know my gun actually had a stun-"

"And you didn't get me with it..."

"I knew you'll be useful." she said as she lead. Audrey followed. Kat and Jessica glance at some of the items in the empty fairs. There were stock as Jessica blushed madly.

"Stocks, feathers, brushes?! What is with this!?" Jessica said amazed.

"Oh... They usually punish woman who did lesser crime by allowing public tickling. They actually prohibit such- unlike the America in our time." Jessica blush. She motion herself herself in front of one of the stocks. She turn around to find Kat there. She push Jessica into the stocks.

"W-w-" Jessica found one of her hands tied behind her by a strange cloth. Jessica was going to take her arm out until Jessica grabbed her struggling and.

"Stay in there!" Kat proclaim.

"Let me go!" yell Jessica. There was a sudden sound knocking out the girl. Kat was sleeping asleep. Jessica was going to undo the bond on her left wrist until a sudden hand grab her free one restricting it.

"Well, hiya girly." Jessica turn to see Audrey over her right shoulder.

"Audrey!" Jessica said noticing the strange purple hair woman. Audrey didn't say anything as she close the stocks. Jessica blushed madly.

"W-what are you doing?"

"You know these two...?" Jessica glance at Audrey who wink, but said, "Nope. We're going to tickle her though since she is awake."

"Well, we can also get-" she stop glancing at the suddenly gone Kat. "Where is she?!"

"Don't fret," Audrey said giggling, "We'll see her again." Jessica was sitting on the stocks as she tried to move her legs. Her size ten feet were sticking out wiggling desperately around the place. Orhene went towards the side locking it. She just place her gun away taking off the sneakers. She just toss them onto the top of the stocks as Audrey strapped down the legs and chest. The stocks fitted perfectly around Jessica's ankles. She couldn't move. She tried to pull and push them through the stock but nothing. She can only turn them side to side although Orhene held her right toes. Jessica squealed. The woman said, "Where's your master? Where's my fiancee...?"

"E-excuse me?" Jessica said as a sudden roll of her five fingers rake her arch to heel. The sudden move made Jessica jolt out of the chair against the bonds.

"I say again, where are they!?" Jessica wasn't able to say anything. She as confuse. Orhene sigh as she relentlessly held the toes scratching her fingers against the white fabric. Audrey walk towards Orhene. She held both the toes on each feet back. Jessica knew what Audrey is doing. She was still with them, but right now Audrey wanted to get Jessica back. This was the option she did taking her side. Jessica was fighting her laughter exploding from her mouth. The sharp nails were racking on both feet at steady pace.

"Say." Orhene said piercing into Jessica's soul.

"Ihehehehe dodnn'tthhahhah knohwhahhaha-AHAHHHAH!" Audrey purposely stab her nails into the sock toes.

"What should we do?" Audrey said innocently.

"I know how to get questions..." she roll her socks up revealing both the bare heel. Audrey glance at Jessica with a 'I feel sorry for you...right... now.' The sudden feeling of ten nails getting at her left foot was urging the need to curl and shake. Audrey clasp bot her hands on the toes and the top, hearing Jessica roar viciously in laughter, unable to talk.

"This won't do." Orhene said stopping the tickling, "She won't say if I push her..." She was whispering towards Audrey. Audrey notice her methods. She was definitely like a bounty hunter. They want something and they don't care as long as they get it... Getting information from Jessica was going to be hard... If they didn't do the opposite.

"Then massage her feet." Audrey suggest... Look, just take these off..." Jessica blush madly. A massage... She never had such a treatment. She knew this was also a plan to deliberately get at her. The sudden feeling of the cold air rush between her bare soles. She just smiled and took it in as the sudden fingers pressed down. The sudden pressure tingled. Audrey smiled. She still knew her friend- well girlfriend. Audrey join in but tied her big toes back. She was going to send Jessica into a frenzy later. The two were massaging her feet. Orhene couldn't notice a sudden smell coming from Jessica's feet... Vanilla? She used lotion... Orhene almost licked her feet snapping her mind out of the gutters blushing. She made it go away as Jessica was moaning. The way they were massaging her feet was giving her a sudden feeling of more of it should be done... She felt them took care of her heel, massacring the balls and insteps, pampering the toes. Orhene never did this before glancing at Audrey, she was following her lead.

"Mind saying the information..." Audrey pose.

"I.... don't... know..." Jessica admit loving the sudden massage. Orhene lost it though ramming her nails into the toes. Jessica tried to yank her toes into defense but found the tie holding her big toe and limited her movement. Audrey place her fingers between each toe rubbing it as she snuggled her face against her left. Orhene didn't think to even stop her tongue running all along the toes. Audrey found herself turning her face to do the same as two girls were viciously drooling on her soles. Jessica made her face lit up in crimson so fast her body jolt and struggle.

"STOAPAHAHAH PLEAHHSHEHENOHHAHHAHAHA AHAHAHH AAHHAAHAHHAHA!" Jessica was going above the usually run in such a quick pace too. Audrey kept note to massage her feet to throw her off... Orhene was into it. She was literally sending those toes into a mixed sensation as they struggle in her mouth. Audrey did the same teasing them more efficiently. She tease the top of the toes, leaving them alone. She would come back but she was sucking on her big toe. Jessica couldn't escape feeling the saliva and tongue teasing her bound toe. Audrey ran her hands all around watching Jessica roar in laughter. Orhene was going overboard too. She was licking at the toes but her hands were continuously teasing the toes as they curl or uncurl. Jessica said at least quickly, "I DON'T KNOW YOU AHAHHA AHAH AHAAHAHAHHA AHHAHA AHA HHHHHA AHAAH AHAHAHA!" Orhene stop. She glare at the girl... She blushed madly. There was a mean tone in the girl she was tickling. The woman with blonde hair she recall had a mean voice.

"Got you." Audrey said as Kat came out of nowhere. She just undid Jessica's bond. She snatch the gun from Orhene as she surrender. Audrey glance at Jessica. She was feeling woozy falling off the stocks. Jessica sigh saying to the girl, "What are your feet size?"

"Excuse me?" Orhene said, "I wasn't suppose to be tricked by such a devil!"

"Don't call her that!" Jessica said getting up, laughing as her bare feet touch the ground.

"It doesn't matter." Kat said glancing at some portals, "I found some switches that will return us to our words... We better get going. This place wasn't suppose to last long." Kat left the three girls as Audrey gave her gun back to Orhene.

"Look, I'm sorry I got you to do that to Jessica, and deceiving you. I just wanted to get back at my girlfriend for a while..." There was silence as Orhene just let out a loose chuckle.

"I understand, I have my own." she comment placing her gun on her shoulder, "Although I learn some good things... One, she's quite ticklish and stubborn. I applaud you- I can't take such a tickling..." Jessica blush.

"I-I-I would have said if I knew something." Jessica said bluntly, "Besides... You were just doing your job? You're one of those people..." Orhene was taken aback by Jessica's analysis.

"You just tickled me then massage and tickle trying to get the information through various methods. There could have been the painful ones or the teasing ones... Either way, you're a bounty hunter. I understand your resentment, but don't do something so rash without knowing about it." Jessica rubbed her feet feeling the two girls' saliva. Audrey glance at Orhene giggling as Jessica went ahead. The world they were in was slowly collapsing.

"I going to get you next. I'm making a huge note on that." Orhene said pointing towards Audrey, "How so?"

"Making me tickle innocent girls-"

"You liked it... Especially licking those soft soles... Oh, better yet- you want to do that to your own fiance- Well I have to bid you ado. I do hope we see each other again... With more people though." The two went towards their respectful worlds as Jessica shiver.

"You and your tickling people..."

"I know how to pick them." she said. That was controversial.  
This is a commission for

The following OCS that are hers is her Orhene Orheu
The rest are mine. This is just a full on tickling interrogation for something. Audrey just follows Orhene lead as she wanted to get Jessica and Kat. Orhene doesn't actually understand as she thinks Jessica and Kat are somehow closely related to the people who met her on her island. Kat and Jessica are victims to a full onslaught of questions, innocent, yes, found by those two. Nope.

Orphene Orheu ([link]) [link]

Audrey [link]

Kat [link]

Jessica [link]

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fictionfeather-pony Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2013
... I'm not sure what the heck i just read... but i liked it! :) good job!
DeathBlackShadoz Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
It was a commission and clash of two different worlds, I don't think I will continue it but it was fun for the while

ToonzyIce Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Yo man I love this so much I read this over and over again!

I think me and you should do a project together for f/f stories ;)

Dude can I use Audrey, Kat, and Jessica in my story?

Also Orhene not from Tickle Island she actually went there because of some bad situation on a cruise boat. Like those 3 they live in a city and all of that ^^;
DeathBlackShadoz Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Ahhhh, lol my bad with the ending. What I read was concluding on the island. I was grabbing her at that time to place in my story so yeah xD but still, glad you like it. Sure, you can use my characters. Just be careful with Kat- she's quite a stalker/runner/sneaker... well you get the point. And Audrey can't have Jessica out of her sight that long or she'll worry- Jessica... Well, she gets involved in too many feet tickling. Yeah, you can go wild with them for all I care P:
ToonzyIce Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2012  Hobbyist Writer

Heh you should get a skype man. Be able to come up with stuff more and talk a lot more XD
DeathBlackShadoz Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Pffft. Me no likey sites like that- personal grudge story hun. Ha ha, tell me if you place my OCs into something ♥
ToonzyIce Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
It's not a site. It's a program and such. Hard to explain
DeathBlackShadoz Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Hmmm... No matter, I'm lazy to stay on stuff too long- trying to make this an exception though, to stay on here than come and go P:
ToonzyIce Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Well glad you came too DA. I love your stories man. We got a lot in common.

Speaking of which you a guy or girl cause I keep calling you a guy and if your a girl then I feel bad ^^;
DeathBlackShadoz Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
It's shared lol xD Right now, I'm the guy's girl. Confusing huh? I'm lazy to make my own so I just decided to work with him. Besides, we're both doing the stories (although I'm much more into the tickling and he seems to draw and do whatever~) Right now though, I'm the she. Pay attention to the pic avi ;o
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