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It was morning. The girl standing at her windows was waiting for something. She had her young blonde hair following through her hand as she dash it outwards having her long locks follow her thrust. She just smirk. This was a glorious day. She just got something she saw off some random site. She was really curious and bought it…. Just to show off in Japan. This girl was Lili Emilie Rochefort. She was a very skilled fighter in the Krav Maga moves. Not only was she skilled in that, she had develop fighting methods through her classical dance, ballet, and gymnastic skills. She was a very wealthy and rich European woman as well. She had a huge mansion glancing towards the town she was attending school in. She had some people stop and watch the huge truck unload the strange device.

Lili had a white outfit. She was around 17 years old. Her blonde hair touch the very back of her outfit with her hair covering her forehead. She has very teal eyes but it was quite hard to tell as it was dark green or brown. Her red dash makeup goes around her eyes as it was faint. The female had a lovely ruffle skirt matched up with a ruffle shirt. She wears a jacket over the top outfit though with a red dangling ribbon around her neck. The jacket covers her entire arm as gloves were covering Lili's hands. They were fingerless, the very end of those gloves were actually red than white. They had some type of knuckle outline as her arms folded over one another.

She went towards the door marching out towards the new item she acquired. Her white boots click every step she took as her red socks showed above it. The woman took great strides in her walk going towards her own men setting up the devices in one of the rooms. She blinked at it blushing.

"W-what is this!? Did I really order this?" Lili ask rather stun and saying it in such a noble voice.

"Yeah." comment a male wearing a regular blue outfit similar to a janitor's, "This is what you ordered…"

"What is it used for?" Lili ask having her hand support her suddenly tilt head.

"Oh," the man said blushing slightly and covering his eyes, "Why don't you get someone to test it out."

"What do you mean?"

"It's a tickling device." said a grumble fat man walking by, grumbling as the man said, "Yeah, that's what it is." A tickling device? No, they're quite wrong. It was more of a restraining device. Lili glance at it.
"What do I need to use this for-" she almost yell having an idea come to her head. She stop her sentence smiling. The man just shrug but couldn't get that smile off of his head.

"We're going." the delivery people left as Lili clasp her hand jumping at the very idea.

"Such a CRUEL and very easy thing to do." she stride her 5'9 self out of the very room closing the door. She couldn't help but jump all around at the thought of testing it out…. She might just get one of her own friends to do it anyways.


"Great." said the female in rushing through the damn streets. She was chasing a dog holding her briefcase. This female was Asuka Kazama. She had a blue tank top and some strange socks and boot s as she had light teal shorts. The briefcase held some important school work she accidentally toss outside due to some stress. The dog picks it up randomly and she had to chase after it for some… three minutes? Asuka was determine NOT to fail school. She didn't care about what was coming at her. She had an open teal vest revealing her busty breasts and revealing stomach with the blue tank top. Her very pale skin shine a bit as her hands caught her fall when she was going to trip. She was pursuing this dog.

However, Asuka didn't notice the area the dog was going towards. The iron gates open as the two went pass a huge van. The two males glance at the female going to warn her about something but shrugged it off. The dog stop and drop her case and left towards the far left of the building. Asuka has dark eyes and brown hair. She panted picking her briefcase.

"Jeez." she said feeling victorious… Until she notice the area she was in. This was… someone's house!? She glance at the huge tall building amaze. Her mouth was open awing at the building. She sort of saw it from a far, but the very structure was dazzling. She glance at the gates planning to walk out of there before she was trespassing- too late. She notice the gates close tapping her foot. A dog took her homework and now she has to go visit the person of the rich and luminous mansion. She groans a bit heading towards the door. She notices the open doors walking in as she please. She was glad that they didn't had some sort of rugs, her boots were dirty. Asuka would be accustom to take off her shoes, but she decided not to.

Lili was nearby on the second level sipping her tea. She blinks and walks towards the entrance noticing the open door. She glance around seeing a girl… WAIT! She was calm sipping her tea until the sudden image flew into her mind. The sight of seeing her here!? She spit her tea outwards onto her wall, ruining the very textures of it.

"Damn it!" she yell placing it down and storming towards some rooms. Asuka was awing at the very expensive materials. Shiny candela hung above the very main entrance with at least some thirty crystals dangling. The staircase had some red silk carpet running through the middle of those stairs halting at the very last steps. Asuka glance at the many rooms leading here and there… getting lost in here would be a huge problem. She just stood there thinking to herself.

"Wow." she said in Japanese rather stun at such things, "I wonder- wait a second!" she notice a familiar presence having her eyes shot open. It couldn't be! She glance towards the stare hearing a noble voice, "We met again!" Asuka turns around glancing towards Lili standing at the top of the stairs.

"Go, capture her!" she wisp her hands as the black male with a bald head and shades charge quickly wearing a nice suit. Her personal guards!? There was another coming on the right that was… white. Asuka didn't care as she flip into the air getting ready to fight.

"Come and get me!" Asuka yell ready.

"Get her, and force her down!" Lili comment as the two guards nod. Asuka scoff saying, "And you couldn't even beat me!"
Those words trigger the noble woman to jump off the stairs. Her two body guards charge as they began to send some punches at her. Asuka blocks them as she flip herself. Lili slam her foot downwards having her body in a split position. She easily got up saying, "You really want me to kick your ass!"

"Yeah- destroying my bento and now attacking me!? I just wanted to get out!"

"Trespassing without my permission is also a no no."  Lili mock having her finger wave in front of her. Asuka charge as the two guards send kicks into the air. Asuka grab both of them sending them behind her. She was charging towards Lili.

"Fat chance." Lili comment as she turn her back. Her body was pulled by her ankles as she slam onto the floor. She was going to grip at Lili's ankles but the body guards she flung quickly grabbed her wrists and pull them back. She tries to kick them but something tied her legs- no it was an arm. She notice there was one last bodyguard. It was a female with short hair shaking her head.

"Should have notice me in the background…" Asuka curse as the three carried Asuka. They enter through the mansion's complex. The sudden paintings of relatives similar to Asuka spread through the halls they pass. There was a lot of rooms, the doors all close as the very items in the hallways were rather decorative and expensive.  She notices the random chairs against the wall with a small wooden table on her left as some marble rectangle tables stood on the right holding some rare flowers that were like roses, but not really.

"Here we are!" she comments taking the handle of a strange door. They enter as it was glowing in pink. Asuka close one of her eyes unable to take the light. "I actually have this strange device." Lili said, "I wanted to… Test it on you." They enter the room as it was completely empty except this strange contraption in the middle of the room. The room wasn't that pink, but it had different shades of red. Asuka began to kick around. They're going to torture her!

"Stop squirming." said the bodyguard feeling a heavier tug on her arms and legs. Asuka found it useless as the three took her to the machine. The guards fasten their grips around her wrists as they made these pink straps tie around them. The two pulled tight making sure that her hands couldn't move. Asuka found her legs still held onto as she began to struggle even harder. She found her gloves flew off her hands as the guards place it on… a table- wait! That table wasn't there before.

"Oh, you notice." Lili comments as she snap her fingers. The room itself began to show some panels revealing many items. Wine, clothing, secret doors, anything. Asuka was stun glancing back at Lili. Asuka felt the guards push her arms against the cold metal contraption behind her. Her wrists were tied down but her lower elbow. She couldn't move much as the straps secure her arms. They gently struggle as she thrust her body side to side. This metal thing was in an awkward position. It had itself like a seat on the floor parallel to the ground but bended in a certain way. First, the upper body half is tilted to have her back lie parallel. Her arms were on her side bended in an L shape. The woman nod towards Lili who took her right leg.

"LET ME GO!" Asuka yells out, struggling as her breasts bounce a bit from her rough tug. The two guards nod and pushes Asuka back towards the machine. She felt the hands holding her stomach down, giggling from the sudden move. She blush red knowing what would happen if she flail so bluntly. The two guards took more straps and secure her chest. The strap was right underneath her perky breasts, holding her upper half still. They pull another strap below that upper strap leaving some space between. Asuka was able to lift her lower body up a bit. The two guards held her body down,. They tug out another strap from the side wrapping it tightly around Asuka's waist. She groan feeling her body getting restrained. Her legs tries to kick the two females off of her as the guards nod at one another pushing Asuka's thighs and legs down against the already path out frame. The metal contraption had two L shape. Her upper thighs were bend towards the sky. Her legs were stretch out on the metal legs of the machine as Lili and the female position her ankles on these fuzzy things.

"Off with these." Lili giggles as the two took off her boots quickly. Asuka's eyes shot open.

"H-hey!" she interjects trying to kick them, "Put them back on!"

"Are you ordering me?" Lili pose glaring at her. The two females just made the guards hold Asuka's ankles and legs as the two females slide the high knee socks down to her ankles. After that, the male guards went to hold her legs in the correct position as the metal braces cuffs around Asuka's ankles. She felt the fuzzy fur wrap around her ankles. She wiggles her sock soles side to side feeling a bit comfortable, but her legs were utterly still. They were able to move around a bit, but the hold on her ankles were gripping any actually movement. She can only move her sock feet. A pillow came below Lili as a brown table just approach Lili. She place her taken off gloves onto the table tossing her boots beside her.

"You're getting it this time." Lili comments making her eyes glance towards the door. The three guards nod and left the scene as Lili had a wide grin. Asuka was helpless and tries to destroy the machine. It was holding her tight. The straps were pulled tight holding her down. Her legs were immobile by the awkward position and the wrap around her ankles preventing any resistance in pushing and pulling her feet, or getting her legs off of those metal plates holding her legs up. This was indeed a strange device. In the middle of Asuka's legs was a rod connecting the two pieces. There were at least three of them running through the middle of the machine. One was close to her butt that was almost out of her sight. Another rod was connecting the two plates near the bended knees. There was one more further down but it had a large U shape metal rod standing out. Asuka was curious as she sighs helplessly.

"W-what do you want? Revenge, kill me, torture me? I-I was just here to retrieve my homework from a dog who stole it from me… Please, let me go!" Asuka was not in the mood for this. She wanted to get back home and sleep, not tied up. She struggles as Lili blinks and giggles.

"I do want revenge. I do want to kill you for embarrassing me so badly, and I do want to torture you." Lili stop noticing her words easily slipping through her mouth. She bit her lower lips to stop her sentences. Asuka raise an eyebrow. Lili just gave a wicked smirk, hiding away her… 'thing'. She purposely scratch her purple and blue stripe socks. Asuka's eyes burst wide open. Her mouth shut themselves quickly before she said something. Lili notice the resistance smiling.

"Oh ho, you're ticklish?" Lili was now amused. She stop to glance at her own covered feet. Eh, why not? She undid the laces kicking off her boots at the far end of the room. She then roll her socks off to reveal her own soles. Asuka blush madly saying, "W-What are you doing!?"

"I'm taking off my own attires- do you have a problem with that?" Lili stops to pose in front of Asuka, towering over her as her size eight soles shine their pedicure toe nails. They move around a bit as Asuka was glancing at them. "Ahem." Lili pulls herself towards the ground glancing at the two sock soles in front of her. A sudden panel reveals themselves on the wall beside her, showing many tickling devices. Asuka's eyes burst open.

"I'm going to enjoy this." Lili said grabbing the necessary stuff. She took a brush, a regular old brush with some strange leather straps, and some lotion? The bottle didn't actually said 'lotion' as the name was some sort of brand. Wait…

"Y-you're tickling me!?" Asuka was terrified at the idea. Her feet began to squirm even more. Lili's eyes caught their movement as a sudden glow shine in her determined eyes. She wanted to get at Asuka, but hearing the girl's sudden change in emotions… She will do whatever she must to break her. She was going to show a side she didn't want to show in a long while… Lili just giggles and gave a devious smile towards Asuka. Asuka was pale as her toes scrunch up in  preparation to the attack. Lili gave a wide smirk, growing every second as she place one nail on the middle of her left sole. The sudden move made Asuka jerk her foot towards the right. Lili was observing her resistance and movement. Asuka was unable to actually hide her ticklish feet. She hates the idea of being tickled. Her feet were the sensitive parts that would break her so badly. She hid her little secret as best as she could… Until now.
Lili watches Asuka intensely. She stops her sudden smiles and devious matters of hinting what she was going to do. Those little smiles will give Asuka the edge in what she was planning to do. Keeping a straight face, and no response and coos will break her. Asuka, falling into Lili's new tactic, was completely clueless and couldn't keep up with Lili. The noble girl was able to place her fingers in random areas. Asuka was barely escaping her index fingers. She was following her left and right. She was stroking them, or tickling them hard. She was poking them. She stab her nail into the sock feet watching them move.

"S-stop looking at them!" Asuka manages to say before clamping her lips together. "You pervert!" Those words sort of invade Lili's concentration. Her face blush slightly at the words. She notice her eyes glancing at her vunerable self and at her breasts… They were bigger than hers-

"Shush." Lili commands jabbing her index fingers deep into her sock soles. The move made Asuka quiet. She slap her lips together holding in her laughter or giggles. Lili was right on target this time. When Asuka was trying move away from the index fingers in her feet, she move towards the left. Lili's hand follows the feet making the sensation a bit more ticklish. Lili wouldn't leave her index fingers off of Asuka's soles. They follow them. Asuka's eyes were now stuttering to open and close. The sensation and resistance were being eaten slowly by the tickling. Lili notice as her face began to bead some sweat.

"Break." she commands as her nails made a move. Her index finger in the middle of her feet rake slowly and hard against her sock soles. Asuka's face lit up and finally let out some laughter.

"NOhahahahahahhahahhaa hhaha!" she shuts her mouth together curling her toes and shaking her head. This was bad. Lili wasn't even tickling her intensely. Asuka panic. She knows her rival well… She will break her in the most noble, elegant, and slow ways. This was too much though… Asuka hates being tickled. Tied and unable to protest to her uneasy listeners will only waste her strength and effort to escape and hold against Lili's torture…

"You're stubborn." Lili comments. She was just making a short and simple conversation. If she talks to much, she will be giving away her tactics. If she doesn't talk, it will make Lili a ruthless and tickling monster (which she likes to do in this situation), but she didn't want Asuka to fear her…

"No more!" Asuka begs noticing how her index fingers approach her sock soles. This was even worse to Asuka. If her sock feet were tickled like this, she couldn't bare the image of her bare feet tickled! She blush madly, shutting her eyes to feel Lili's attack.

"I will give you more." Lili tease. She was going to make sure she mocks ever plead Asuka will do and strike at the same time. Her left finger strokes up and down her left sock sole. It began to fidget around. Lili, however, plan her attack more decisively now. She had her finger not press that hard against her feet. She had it barely touching the sock. The move was very light, however. Lili did this purposely to see how sensitive Asuka's feet were. The movement and struggle made all her observations true.
Asuka's bare feet are extremely ticklish without these socks…

"Off with these…" Lili slide her index fingers around her rolled up socks. The sudden move of feeling her nail running against her really smooth and sensitive sole drives the girl into laughter. Her mouth gave way realeasing everything she held onto.

"Noahhahahaahah ahanotntaahhahhnototothththhtatht matythahthahthahhahahah osshcssohoakskckckshahahahhahaha!"

"Can't understand such informal Japanese!" Lili tease watching her sock slowly uncover her heels. She was going at a very slow pace unrolling her socks. On the other note, she was just using her index fingers. She purposely had her nails run across her bare sole to easily find the certain area she will break from. Her heels only struggle to pull her feet away. That wasn't it as Asuka's laughter was still the same. She slowly went upwards feeling the feet wrinkle up and viciously quiver and move. Her feet couldn't shake the machine, but it shook Lili's finger all around the path she wanted to take. The sudden movement made her finger tickle the very side of her feet than the middle. This made Asuka laugh a bit harder, but not that heavy.

"StopahahAhhahahahahhahaha, plehehahhahhsshehsehs, Liaahahhahaliahaahahahh!" Hearing her name, she pause at he middle of her feet. Her finger purposely wiggle around, the nail diving itself to make some movement from her feet.

"I stop. But…" Lili was going to test her uncovered feet even more. In her mind, she was enjoying this. She was happy she had a form of revenge that entertain her badly and tortures her victim. Lili recalls the many time she tickles her house maids and servants because she just wanted to. They couldn't fight back or she'll tell daddy. She giggles to herself as Asuka was in a terrible place.

Even if she had no actually restrain on her feet, she was already laughing a storm. Her entire energy was diverted to withstand the tickling and move her feet around as best as possible. Lili, however, seems to break the second objective. No matter where she moves, Lili's fingers were right there tickling her nerves on her feet.

"Please," Asuka pants heavily her hair sticking to her face a bit, "Stop! I'll do anything!" Those words were making Lili even happier. She kept it to herself keeping a serious and normal face.

"No." Lili simply answer. She didn't give a reason, no explanation as she tickle her heels. She toss in her middle finger to help test something out. Asuka found herself struggling badly this time. Her body was shivering against the machine cursing to herself lightly and her toes moving around too much. Lili uses her index fingers to go up. After that, Lili reposition her index fingers above her heels again. However, her middle finger quickly follows the sudden stroke her index fingers gives and strokes against the heel. This process was repeated as the nails were tickling relentlessly without no change in pace at Asuka's heel. The girl was screaming. This made Lili happy almost jumping for joy. Her entire feet was bucking at the metal restrains. They wanted out.

Asuka was losing it. Her feet were finding the tickling frenzy at her heels nerve ending. It was sending a message to pull them out. It was making her toes wiggle with no actually anticipation as he feet were kicking and moving violently. Asuka was tearing up as they ran down her cheeks and her face was blushing lightly. Her heels were unable to actually do much. They were stick to the metal plating holding her feet on the ground. Even if Asuka angled her feet in her current situation, they were the only part that stood in their place. Asuka turn her feet left, right, in opposite directions from another, but her heels stay in that one place.


"Then off with your socks." Lili notice the nod Asuka did in her attempt to stop her laughter. The move was caught by Lili as Asuka blush red. Lili took off her socks with both her hands tossing them beside her. One of them feel onto the rod extending the lower part to the upper part. Asuka glance at it staring at her teal painted toes. She curl them as Lili blush.

How cute. Size 8 soles waiting for her to get at them. They were moving around in front of Lili who was getting captivated by the moving soles… She could just give them a quick-

"Stop staring, pervert!" yell Asuka. Those words brought Lili back to her realm she was actually in. She blush lightly moving her hair behind her. She glance away at Asuka for the moment… Envying the girl. From the time the two began to become rival, Lili was… somehow jealous and friendly. Even though she hated the fact that Asuka had a life completely out of nobility and freedom, able to do almost anything and everything at the time and place she wants as there was no restriction. Not only that, her skills beat her, Lili Emilie Rochefort. She… was glad she met her though. Even though this woman beat her in the competition, she was really an appealing woman… Especially from the breasts. Not only that, she had spirit.

"Hello?" Asuka ask glancing at her tickler going to lala land.
"S-sorry." Lili comment shaking her blush and dirty envious mind off, "I was thinking about getting you in a… venerable position so I can go all out… slowly and cruelly." Those words made Asuka blush madly. She would hate the idea of that because she'll break. She… was slowly getting at the struggle noticing how it was tougher than before.

"How about the toes…" those words made Asuka glance to Lili who took her index fingers to them. Asuka blush and her eyes snapped wide, "NO!!!" Her toes curl quickly to find the index finger teasing their curl selves. Lili glares at them. Her ten painted teal toenails were teasing her. She forcibly shove her index finger into the curl toes itching the very spot in between them. Asuka's eyes holt open screaming in a loud laughter.

"NOAHAHAHA AHAH AHAOAH OSHTDODDNDODNAHHHDND"TTHAOAHHHAHHAHA!" Her words were so clustered and jumbled with the laughter this had to be the spot. Her feet were reacting too much as they move around freely. Lili just glance at the straps she pull out of the wall earlier giving a devious smile. Turn to end this fair tickling experiment and go to the push of discovery.

"W-w-what are youAHOAHHHAHAH AHA AHONAOAHAHAHHANAOAAHAHA AHAAH AHAH!" Asuka found Lili gripping her big left toe. Her left hand force them back moving it up and down with her fingers, playing with them as she grab the strange leather binding from before. She place the first strap around the big toe. Asuka laughs a bit still glancing at Lili's move. She adjust it to firmly lock itself around her as it didn't coil her blood flow, but It did make her big toe unable to actually curl. Lili push her soles a bit further back. Asuka was force to hold her feet there feeling Lili's hand pressing them back as she found that strap tie around the upside down U shape rod. She found her feet- Oh no! No! This wasn't fair! The same happen to the right quickly before she even defended herself. Her two big toes were pulled back as her feet gently quiver. Some of the toes move around but that was it.

"NO! So unfair!" Asuka yells struggling now. Her last defense was immobilized, her spirit was crush. Lili notice blushing and covers her mouth playfully. She let out giggles as Asuka glares at Lili.

"You're so dead-"

"You enter my mansion without permission." Lili reminded smiling, "This is my house and I can easily send you into prison just for going to a noble's house." Those words were emphasize. She had power, and Asuka didn't. She was stuck in this position and she couldn't do anything about it. Everything was against her. She finally… admits defeat. Asuka sigh turning her head.

"F-fine…" she comments having her eyes slowly close up a bit, "You win… t-tickle me as long as you want…"

"No, no." Lili stops to go towards Asuka's chin grabbing it. The two glance at one another as Lili gave a… sincere smile, "I will never do that to you." Asuka was… confuse!? She tilt her head as Lili just blush lightly wiping off the tear on her cheeks, "Jeez… I love your personality, everything about you. I'm glad you are my rival." Lilia didn't explain herself. She didn't want to. If she did… She might find herself getting tickled by her. Asuka was going to say something until Lili made a move. The girl kiss Asuka on the lips hearing the Japanese girl squeal. Her toes try to move in surprise, but they couldn't.

"Ha." Lili finish stopping her kiss. She had snuck the toothbrush in her right hand and the lotion on the left.

"Let me just…" Asuka was red in the face. She was kiss by-

"Got you!' Lili said as she went towards her feet. Asuka stops to glance at the move. Lili made the oil ran all over her bare soles, quivering lightly against the wet feeling as the toothbrush touched her feet. Lili began to move it around her arches on the left, watching the toes quiver and struggle to even move. Lili was in tears now. "AHAHAH AHAA AOYAUAHHA OA HAHBHWITHAHAHOHHAHAAHHHA HA!"  Lili was insulted by a curse word.

"HOW DARE YOU!" Lili comment taking her free hand that held the lotion towards her feet. She place it away having her free hand tickle and rub the lotion all around her right sole. The two moves were really slow and cruel. Lili did it when her guard and spirit was uplifted as the tickling in tenses. Her entire defense she plan was crumbling as she found her body growing numb and helpless, the movement limited to only her toes slightly moving here and there. Tears were now exploding from her eyes as Asuka was unable to beg. Her mouth was letting out the laugher in a maniacal pattern. Her big toes were quivering against the leather bond as her feet were quivering badly. Lili loves her new machine, and loves the experimentee. Asuka was literally sweating and crying as her eyes were opening and closing. Her hands were wrapped around in a fist as it open up some time later. Her feet were catching Lili's eyes the most. The way she was just rubbing the lotion everywhere made her more anxious to taste them. How smooth she felt the soles as she felt her bare hand rub against the substance and Asuka's smooth feet… The way her teal toes were trying to curl but found themselves struggle mad her mouth drool lightly. She move her hands and brush towards the toes hearing the sudden hysterical laughter erupting from Asuka's laugh noticing the wide grin and eye staring right at her. Lili had her body send a surge making her jump a bit as she position herself on a pillow. She lie down as Asuka glance at her toes again.

"You want revenge, don't you?" Lili pose wiggling her toes purposely to catch her eyes. Asuka blush shaking her head.

"N-no! Of course not!" That was a lie, but Asuka was rather surprise to stare at a foreigner's feet. She never fought Lili without her boots on… This was the first time she saw her bare feet.

"Laugh for me." Lili commands as her tongue was on her left sole- approaching her left sole! The move made her eyes shot open but her laughter was still going due to the index finger teasing the very insteps of her right toes. The tongue jabs at her arches heading upwards to wrap around her toes. The sudden move made Asuka laugh madly as Lili found her feet tasty. She stops her tickling as the toothbrush was toss towards the table.

Asuka was losing it. Her strength was failing. All along, Lili wanted to break her. The move of her own tongue licking at her poor toes, wiggling a bit to only find the girl's slow and taunting snake like tongue teasing each and every space of her left upper part made the girl go crazy. She lost it as she began to buck against the restrains with all her might. She couldn't move her feet getting Lili's attention as they shake madly in place. Her upper body was flailing viciously as her shaking was obviously seen. Lili continue. Her moves work. Even though she did admire Asuka… She wanted revenge. This was for her alone. She continues to tease her right foot, moving two index fingers towards her toes. They began to slide their nails underneath them teasing the insteps very lightly. The move drove Asuka into a fit, but the biting and licking were doing most of her insanity laughter. Lili was licking slowly at each toes' insteps, moving to wrap around them. Her saliva was drooling all over the top down towards the bottom.

Lili didn't care if Asuka notices or not, but she was having fun trying out her fetishes. She was biting on each toe, leaving marks as she did it over, and over again. She did it slowly. Everything she was doing was I in a slow manner. She did it to break her easily for this moment. Lili ends her slow tickling to violently tickle her left foot. After many slow pace tickling, Asuka was unable to handle the heavy tickling. She only survive for two minutes. Her laughter crack as her body was now weakening on her. Feeling the two fingers on hr left viciously turn onto her right scratching madly at every part of her left foot that wasn't lick made her flinch, twitch, and laugh in no avail. Her body was losing it. The sensations took over Asuka's mind as she was now laughing helplessly. Darkness surrounded her.

Lili noticing pouting. She didn't want it to end! Why!? She notice her captive asleep as she sigh and went to her. She undid everything to stop… She wouldn't notice if she just did this… She went towards her feet and place a special lipstick on her. She then reach down to kiss her left toe….

"If only you were able to get me, I'll love you eve more. I admire you Asuka, but my pride comes first before I accept you are my true and only friend…"

This is the link and the rightful drawer who drew this. Credit to them, me is the writer.

Getting another request from [link]
I was able to make another story. I do admit- It's the longest thing I wrote? Me thinks? I don't know... But I actually had to place some thought into it.

I didn't get a chance to edit most of my works, sooooo please excuse the lame grammar, usage, and any other stuff.

Do enjoy though- I did place a lot of effort P:
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