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Xillian, Crimson, Audrey, and Bellatrix took the giant back into their place… Well a secret one. They were ensuring that their continue torment on her was going to be hardcore and undisturbed. They blindfold the giant Amazon as they place her entire body on the ground of this secret place. Metal bounds with furry contents inside them made it a bit more comfortable. Xillian and Crimson gave giant smirks to their improvements. Her feet were locked in specially made stocks having chains pulled back holding the big feet and the toes. The giant was naked as she was still asleep. Her body was secured tightly along with some strains on her fingers. The very luscious body was making the four girls drool. Bellatrix and Audrey had some control because they knew what the giant was going to go through. Both of their allies did the same to them… Tickling intensified. The giant was gagged and blindfolded. She had her entire body expose stretched on the ground. Crimson began to laugh viciously.

"This is so great! I'm getting wet!"

"Jeez," Audrey glance at her girlfriend, "Have some pride and hide it!"

"I agree with her though…" Xillian comment blushing madly rubbing her lower area, "This is quite a fantasy coming true…"

"What the hell woman- not in front of our guests!"

"MPHHHHHM!" yells the giant struggling in her new bonds. She… couldn't actually move. The restrains held her down groaning and talking to Xillian telepathically.


"Forgive us…" Xillian said rather eagerly, "We just have to make you all wet and tickle the living… Well also fulfill our pleasure…" The giant began to scream trying to escape. Tears escape her blindfold as Xillian was glanced at. Bellatrix and Audrey glares at Xillian as Crimson just whistle.


"You're overdoing all of this!" Bellatrix comment going up to comfort the giant hearing such kind words.

"Shame on you two! No sex from us!" Audrey exclaims. The two girls just drop on their knees acting all shameful and tearful.

"S-sorry… our friends got a bit carried away…" Bellatrix took the gag off hearing the giant calm down. There was only the sniffles from the two white hair girls, but her words were echoing in the area.

"P-p-please… go on…" she turn her head blushing. The four girls glance at her as the blush was really showing, "I told you everything… B-but I always had dreams of small people tickling me… or even the idea of them fucking me…" Xillian found this fishy. She continues reading her mind. There was nothing to be fishy about, but this giant may hold more information than Xillian thought.

"Well…" Xillian glance at Crimson founding this too fishy. The giant was glancing at the four still having that blushing face. Crimson stood in front of her giant foot quickly having fire engulf her risen left hand. Audrey and Bellatrix was distracted with the upper body. Xillian was glaring at Ness ready to read her mind. The sudden flame touch the middle of the giant's left foot making the woman scream.

"ASSHOLES!" her blush fade quickly leaving her thoughts open. There was more information that quickly closed up.

"You liar." Xillian curse hearing Ness exclaim, "You bitches! I hate you all! Stupid humans and-" Bellatrix and Audrey found their soft hearts dying gagging the giant pulling on the bonds hearing the woman scream.

"We'll start now." Xillian said nodding towards the two girls already at her upper body. This time, they weren't going to stop. Xillian and Crimson made their spells much more strict and harder to get out of. The very means to escape this torture was denied. The four girls position themselves. Ness was already a mess as Audrey and Bellatrix ran their hands into the pits. She wasn't that tall but her pits were at least the size of a human's upper body. The two girls watch the screaming girl toss and turn in the bonds.

"Aw," tease Audrey, "You should have told us in the beginning…"

"And we were merciful…" finish Bellatrix as their words hasten the tickling in the pits. Their hands began to claw viciously at the girl's pits hearing the suppress laughter as her body was fighting against the strains. Her pits were quivering as she fidgets around. She was crying and screaming begging to Xillian.

"You can do better." taunt Crimson watching the two girls as Crimson and Xillian position themselves onto her sides. The sudden nails adding to the tickling on her pits made Ness explode. Her body continues to squirm with no avail as the twenty fingers were raking up and own. Bellatrix and Audrey, however, lean forward to lick at the pits making the giant roar through the gag screaming at the top of her lungs. They didn't let their hands leave their mark still scratching the pits. Crimson and Xillian added their raspberries to her sides making the sensation unbearable. Her body was beginning to sweat and you can see some numb swell parts restrained so heavily. Her toes were getting a bit gray or purple as she was moving around too much from such mere tickles. Her eyes were opening and closing as her hands and toes wanted to move around so freely. They were held though making the feeling of these bonds annoy her. She was quivering against the tight bonds as the four girls were licking all over her body again. They were not leaving any part unmark by their tongues. Crimson and Xillian stops to get on the girl's stomach. Crimson began to make some dipping sound as Ness felt a sudden metal cold object touch the lower part of her stomach. Audrey giggles as Bellatrix stops tickling.

"Well, we should make you a prime example of our ticklish toy writing all over you." Ness began to plead. Xillian just gave a smirk nodding towards the girls. She ignore the pleas Ness was sending feeling the wet brushes coloring her skin. The dark red paint was oozing off the brush onto her skin as they were steady with it. They weren't pressing hard onto the stretch areas they were tickling knowing Ness would make their words seem all messy. Crimson had her brush above the target moving slightly on the stomach. She had taken off her shoes having her socks run against her sensitive stomach. The brush went across the left side towards the top right underneath the breasts. She stops to rush back towards the side spelling words out. The tickling in the armpits, however, were jus coloring in the pits. Ness was losing it as her hair was sticking to her face. Her face was forced into a submissive smile aching from the tight restrains and her body losing it's energy to resist the sensations being piled against her. The pits were begins colored and teased as the girls stop to scrub it all off. The sudden wet sponges and brushes brushing up and down her pits hastily made her body jerk to the sudden feeling. Xillian was reading the giant's resolve every area they tickle. Xillian took two feathers climbing up a displayed ladder. She lowers the ladder right above the left breasts giving a nasty smile. She began to use the feathers to tickle the very shape of her breasts making the giant scream. Xillian began to signal the two girls at the armpits to get at her other breasts. They both got on some ladders having a good total of three feathers tickling the girl's right nipple. Ness was already broken. Xillian heard no pleas and glance at the girl getting aroused through the tickling. Her entire body was quivering at their mercy as well as the sweat washing off the naked skin. Her stomach was being turned into a message for Crimson. The three girls stop their torture on the fully erect nipples taking a good number of electric brushes remote activated by a button. They tape five of them around the huge breasts backing off to place one more at their nipples. The four girls stop their torture glancing at the giant taking in the rest. Xillian went towards the girl taking off the gag and hearing the sudden pants.

"It's good to see you not fainting for the good final." those words scared Ness. She was panting and too preoccupied with her break. Xillian just covers her mouth walking off.

"W-wait!" Ness was talking as she reveals everything. Xillian just smile at the tied Ness gaining the correct and rightful information now. The monsters were hating the rule and wanted to overthrow every control from the races of superiority. Humans, Orcs, Elves, etc. Ness began to ask for her release.

"Nope… We didn't even do this…" they began to send the giant into moans. They were at her pussy! The huge area was big… Crimson was blushing staring at the big whole.

"We can just enter in there! Dang… such interesting creatures!" tease Audrey.

"Well…" Xillian began to stroke the outer layer of the pussy hearing Ness moans and squirms lightly. Crimson just licks into the pussy watching the pussy quiver gently at their touch. Audrey and Bellatrix were feathering the outside with Xillian's teasing finger. Ness began to moan into Xillian's head unable to say something. She tries to plea a stop but her body was enjoying this. She was laughing a bit, but her moans overpowered them. Her eyes were opening and closing as her cheeks blossom red. She was really enjoying this. The girls just glance at one another giggling as they continue on hearing Ness struggle between the slight laughs and huge moans.  

"Now for hell…" Xillian push the button that activates those brushes on her breasts. The sudden sensation made the giant break. She broke up in laughter struggling to even let a moan out. The girls stop their torture on her pussy going for their favorite spot. Her feet. They were really shaking in those toe ties though! The very sight of the large feet were quivering against the metal bonds making the four girls anxious to get at them.

"Aw," Audrey tease getting into her position. Bellatrix and Audrey were in front of her soles as Xillian and Crimson were on top. Some trays of tickling items appear out of nowhere hovering beside each girl. Ness didn't notice the girls standing on her leg, distracted by the heavy tickles on her breasts sending her into sheer sensations and the need to laugh. The girls all giggle. Ness notice their new position. The sudden yelling into Xillian's mind was a huge NO. Xillian ignores this signaling the two girls in front of her to start getting at these feet. Boy, it was a pleasure grabbing this giant. Audrey and Bellatrix were slowly using one hand to go up and down the giant's immobilize soles. There was a sudden yell, shriek, squeal sending the giant into a huge fit. The sudden move made the two girls on top of her leg feel the sudden jerk and attempt to move away. Xillian and Crimson watch the helpless feet quiver in their very sight.

"Oh Ness," Xillian comments giggling, "You LOVE this. You will give us everything… Especially since you're begging for it." The girls in front of the soles were using both their hands furiously scratching at the sensitive skin right in the middle. The giant was hollering. Her feet were viciously motioning so much but to no avail.

"My god…" Audrey found herself a bit too excited grabbing a power brush (yes, they have some machines at this time) hearing the sudden spinning contraption. Ness begins to shout into Xillian's head.

"Jeez," Xillian glance at the giant, "You really hate having your body tickled… Yet you said 'you love it so'." Ness blush madly underneath her fold and gag breathing and laughing tremendously. The power brush was rubbing around the very middle of her sole as Audrey was showing no mercy or regards to stop. Bellatrix begins to use some large paint brushes running them up and down. The two girls getting at the middle and lower part of her soles were not even torture! Bellatrix began to dust all over the heel making Ness cry into uncontrollable tears. The giant lost her words only caught up in her intense laughter. Xillian and Crimson didn't join in yet - they were the true torturers! They nod at one another taking their rightful tools. Crimson shows no mercy feathering the very top of her right sole. The move made her toes jerk around so much in the bonds although you couldn't see it. They can guess how she would react because their own feet were ticklish. They giggle and cooed the giant. Xillian, however, was placing vanilla frosting across her left foot. Ness didn't notice what it was only feeling the brush adding to Bellatrix tickles on the left sole. Audrey and Crimson began to cover her right sole in the vanilla frosting stunning the giant. She felt the strange stuff on her panting after they stop. It was an hour already and they didn't plan to let her go. Ness was broken and was sweating heavily. They turn off the tickling brushes on her breasts heading towards the girl undoing the gag and blindfold. The strong giant they remember capturing with such fierce eyes was scared and breathe rapidly. She was still in the spells that Crimson and Xillian place.

"Oh god…" she mutter after some ten minutes, "I… I surrender…"

"You should have trusted us than trying to keep more secrets." Audrey comments.

"And calling us bitches?" Bellatrix added.

"And you didn't do that to me!?" the two girls blush recalling HOW they pull their giant captive away from the camp in the first place.

"Don't worry," Crimson started, "They're next."


"Continuing on…" Xillian went towards the girl's face leveling herself on a metal platform, "Look… We're trying to help you against that dragon tyrant. We will protect you and we won't say anything to the others about THAT." Xillian was the only one who knows about THAT. The three girls behind her shrug at one another clueless. Ness blush sighing. She lost.

"Fine…" she admits, "I will join- BUT stop! Please! You girls know what to do and it's killing me!" the sudden plea made Xillian giggle. Of course… They will.

"After our wrap up hun."

"OH NO! PLEASE!" Ness was blushing and had a change in her face. It was more of a toned happy face, but not really amazed, excited, or that overjoyed… It was happy that she won't be killed by that dragon; the wrapping up will be the downfall though. The four girls walk back to her feet.

"I'm assuming your giant sisters tickle you leader?" Crimson asks.  

"N-not intensely like this!" she looks away, "They will tie my big toes up and tease my other toes or they would just tease my toes by holding them in their mouths viciously scratching my own arches and heels. They will also dominate me in numbers holding me down as they get turns tickling me… Although  I got my revenge… BUT YOU LOT! My god, you're making me wet!" All four stop to give each other a look. A devilish look.

"Oh?" Xillian asks. The sudden comment Ness said bluntly was definitely a move she didn't need to make. Ness realize her own release, cumming if they continue…

"NO! DON'T!" Ness felt the sudden fingers crawling in their white frosting layered feet. They were viciously rubbing that frosting all around watching the soles quiver up again. Xillian decides to take it up a notch licking at her toes. This made Ness laugh up a storm. "ANOHAOHHA AOAH AH AH  AHA HHAHAHAH HA HAHA AHHA HAHAHAA!" The other girls glance at one another taking their time to slowly get at her feet. They were loving the vanilla frosted delights slowly rolling their tongues through her entire area. Ness was losing it. Her face was utterly red streaming many tears. Her voice was choked up and dry, unable to withstand the tongues getting at her feet. The sudden urge to release the excitement was devastating the giant's pride. The four girls were all having their moments in this event taking their slow or fast licks. Audrey and Bellatrix were teasing her heels as they worked upwards. Ness found her feet quivering too much that it wanted to move, squirm, anything! Her eyes and body were flinching and jolting around trying to do something about these nerving sensations. Xillian and Crimson were teasing those toes badly. Even though they got the frosting off, their bites, nibbles, and sucks were overwhelming Ness. Ness was forced to love this, her mouth drooling madly as her eyes were unable to focus. This tickling was forcing her to submission.

"You better come…" taunt the girls as they all moved themselves with the platforms. They position themselves in the middle of her feet, licking madly all around working on the arches. This made Ness explode badly having her body tickled by the sudden brushes still attached to her. The sudden mix in with upper body and lower body tickling made the giant release herself. The sudden mess made the girls stop licking around their lips.

"Well… let's clean this up." Xillian giggles as they went towards the giant mess, "Don't worry… We'll do this again some other time." Ness just glance at the girls walking towards her pussy blushing madly. She could only hope that these girls would keep their promise than making some wet fantasies.
Continuing from the previous entry of this, or part 1:

Decided to rap this boredom story up by using the above text, hope you enjoyed it~ ♥
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