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January 16, 2012
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A female just sat on the couch being bored. She playfully kick her legs up in the air with her blue shorts on. She had a very short tank top on revealing her belly entirely. Her brown hair was tied up in a ponytail as she just sigh. Her yellow tank top was moving with her movements as she tried to find a more comfortable position on the crouch.

"Great…" she mutters getting up. She was barefooted. She walked around the house she lives in with her 8 size feet stomping through the place. Her friends left the place as she was left behind. She began to mutter stuff lightly underneath her breathe. She fold her arms glancing at their black cat roaming around.

"I'm so bored!" She hint getting more annoyed at the fact her friends left her. She lands herself onto the sofa as her feet were stretch across the entire couch. She yawns turning on the TV, or tried to. She click on the bottom as she began to curse lightly. She continues to press the button hoping that something would kick it up There was a small note on the table as the brown hair ponytail girl read it.

"Something is wrong with the power, go fix it." Power? Was this note referring to the basement? She just shrugs ignoring the letter. She tries to do something else, like turning her computer on, but it didn't work. She stops and glances at the fridge not even working either. She tries to call her friends, nothing.

This was too strange. Sabrina stops and poses. Maybe there was something wrong with the generator… Or it was some trick- no. This was for real. The brown hair fair girl just told her cat, "I'm heading downstairs, watch out for anything." This made her nervous as she slid on some fuzzy slippers and opens the door downstairs. She closes it turning the lights on. She walks down the stairs glancing around. There was nothing wrong as she went a bit further into the room. The generator was pushed downwards lying on the off button. It was controlled by a lever as Sabrina puff her face. They purposely did this to her! She push it upwards hearing the machine start up. When she turns around, the floor suddenly opens up revealing a lot of green tentacles. Sabrina screamed, feeling one of the moving tentacles pick her up upside down.

"L-let me go!" Sabrina yell feeling her slippers slide off her feet hitting the ground. The tentacles quickly surround the girl in mid air. They shot at her, wrapping around her wrists and ankles. They pull her arms and her legs outwards.  Sabrina struggle, pulling her legs back.

"Stop it!" she commands wiggling in her bonds. The tentacles were pulling her arms upwards as they circle around her arms. They tie around her legs, but sudden pokes made slight tensions. Sabrina's eyes shot open for a moment closing them. She curl her toes and fist her hands together. The tentacles wraps around her arms to hold it together and above her, but the end of the tentacles were running against her cloth armpits. The sudden sharp and not really slimy tentacles were making it worse. They weren't nails, but they were something of a sharp caliber. The tentacles stroke up and own against the hollow pits.

"Noheheheh….. Stop!" Sabrina tries to stay squirming. Her legs were pulling against the vines biting hard on her lips. Two more tentacles found themselves at the bare stomach. Sabrina notices this having her belly assaulted by the two green tentacles. The tentacles were going a bit under her shirt making the movement and resistance going futile.

"Stophehehehehehehe." Sabrina's face was slowly lifting up. She cannot resist it much longer… She felt the four pointy tentacles assaulting her armpits and stomach. She was able to keep her face in giggles, not laughing madly. First, the tickling were just light slow strokes. Next, it was some more furious ones making Sabrina giggle even harder. Then, the tentacles began to press harder making Sabrina even louder. Suddenly, her feet were involved. Oh no. Sabrina bursts out laughing as the tentacles were slowly tickling her up body. The two  testing her soles just began poking in and out. The tentacles backed off, watching the soles reactions. They would curl, flex, move around side to side, lower themselves or toss themselves a bit further from them.

"Nohahoahhahhah!" Sabrina said laughing now. Her face wasn't red, but when it comes to tickling her feet, she will lose it. She began to struggle. Her upper body tore the grip that the two  tentacles had. She found herself hanging upside down. She was going to kick and punch the tentacles but the tickling at her soles were distracting her. The sudden timing in the pokes were making her laugh. Her mind and body didn't react in time to stop the sudden directive of the tentacles. The tentacles were able to wrap around her shoulder and arms, pinning them downwards this time. The tentacles holding her ankles lower down to Sabrina's head making sure they were leveled. Not only did it readjust itself, the tentacles push Sabrina's bound feet a bit forward making her legs bend towards her already wrapped shoulders. They left some space between there as the poking was now strokes that wouldn't leave Sabrina's soles. The girl was laughing. She wasn't tearing up yet, but she was laughing. Her face grew a bit red as the tickling as stroking in the middle of both her soles. The one on the right suddenly jabs into the middle, twisting itself around sending Sabrina into a recoil of twists and turns. Her hands clutch up really bearing down the tickling sensations. The floor that revel the strange tentacles were closing but showing only a strange monster of… tentacles. There was no head. This wasn't even an animal, but it had a function to move. The strange tentacle creature held Sabrina as it was slowly doing something. Sabrina was still having troubles, her feet curling and flexing in all her ways to avoid the two tickling tentacles. Sabrina bursts out laughing feeling something she didn't saw.

A tentacle was able to find it's way around slide between her middle and index toes, sliding it's strange non suction cup self easily through the space making Sabrina's left foot curl her toes. Sabrina had to curl her right toes. She did, laughing viciously.

"Stopahahhahahahsaa,pallelahhehehahehahehahahhhseehehshha! Ihahahhancannn'c'athahhahaha!" Her words were falling on deaf eyes as her eyes were close. She couldn't bear her feet getting tickled. She had her mouth wide open, laughing showing her tongue and teeth. The creature place her on the ground, but something was wrapping around her. She didn't open her yes though. She peak but close them shut. The tentacles were wrapping around Sabrina's entire body. From the neck, down to her ankles, they literally cover their green tentacles like a blanket. Sabrina only notice when she open her eyes again. Oh no. This was bad.

The made sure Sabrina was up against the wall. Her feet and legs were extended outwards. She couldn't squirm in her bonds as the tentacles made sure they stayed there. Wrapped like a rope, Sabrina couldn't budge except move her toes and flail her feet around. The tentacles were slowly approaching her feet. Her right toes found a sudden movement plucking at Sabrina's nerves. She forget her toes curled around the tentacles wrap underneath there. She had to wiggle her toes feeling another tentacles playfully slide itself in. The tentacle she held in her right toes did a nasty move. Sabrina had her eyes close, once again, noticing her movement silenced. She opens her eyes glancing at the sudden tentacle holding her two big toes back.

"NOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH AHHHAHAAH AHAHH!" Sabrina manage to say trying to wiggle her poor toes. She couldn't. They were lock in the tentacle's grip. That one toe tie slime tease her two big toes by pulling it's grip around them, sending some vibrations that tickled her madly. Not only that, her feet was immobile to avoid the tickling. Her feet were pulled back. They wouldn't move side to side, they couldn't move forward to cover her main spots, they were stuck. The tentacles began to take advantage of this. After making her very defense restrained, they began to assault Sabrina. Te young lass was beginning to laugh and cry some tears now. The tentacles were holding back on the pressure they were using. They were testing her. The two tentacles that were tickling her feet before took place on a certain part of her feet. The one on her left began to jab and press hard on her heel. This made Sabrina's left toes curl and uncurl. The two big toes were quivering by the hold as some more tentacles arrive at the feet. Two of them notice the moving toes on her left foot. They slide themselves into the space as the pointy ends decided to tease the very insteps. This made Sabrina jump trying to move her toes getting tease, but to no avail. Her entire body was silenced by the tentacles coiled around her.

"NOHAHAHAHAH AAHAHHHAHA HHHHAHAHAHA AHAHAHAH HAH PPAELAHHAHAH!" her mind was losing it. She couldn't believe that this was underneath the basement- and how!? She began to shake her head madly, letting her mouth utter some sudden screaming laughter. The tentacles were teasing her left toes now. It was just one, but that one tentacle slide between most of her toes, stopping to stroke against her index toe. There was that one tentacle teasing her left heel as two tentacles were viciously stroking and jabbing at her arches. Her feet gently pull itself in it's current restrains hoping she could lessen the tickling pressure. She couldn't withstand it as she relax herself. Her body was forced to relax. Her struggles and determination to defend her ticklish feet were dying. Her toes were getting assaulted by the sudden tentacles wrapping or stroking into them. Her insteps were getting teases by their simply movements as the aches were getting jabbed at as her heels were suddenly targeted to make her toes go mad All of this made Sabrina finally lose it. She was crying, her face was red. Sweat was beading down her forehead, but her words were silence. Laughter was coming through that open mouth o f hers as the brown hair stick to her face. She had no control. It all stop. Sabrina felt the tentacles leaving. They untied her as they began to run away. Sabrina's eyes only catch them hiding towards the dark room of another room in the basement. There was only a meow showing her dark feline. Maybe they were scared of him? Sabrina didn't want to think about it. She was panting heavily, wiping some sweat off as she was still weak. The cat just walk towards her feet blinking at them.

"D-don't…" the cat… ignores her command and begins to lick her feet. Already tired and weak, Sabrina lets the cat lick at her feet
The rightful link to the picture is here [link]

Okay. After seeing this pic, I wanted to make a short simple tickling story on it. I kept it simple, didn't use anyone or any certain being. Just use the tentacles... Well until the end.

THIS IS PIRATA3 OC SABRINA, picture and credit of his drawing skills go to him. I'm just a writer who wanted to make a story for this.

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lupusthered Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Great job; though it didn't quite flow seamless from sentence to sentence, it got the idea access, and was a well written story. I look forward to a possible part 2.
ShadowtailsDerol Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
To be honest I would like to change place with her. And would go for round 2.
DeathBlackShadoz Featured By Owner May 19, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
lol -what do you mean by that?
ShadowtailsDerol Featured By Owner May 20, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
It sounds like fun.
DeathBlackShadoz Featured By Owner May 20, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
You saying you want to be in Sabrina's positioned- getting tickled like that? <.< if you want, I can do that for ya
ShadowtailsDerol Featured By Owner May 21, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
DeathBlackShadoz Featured By Owner May 21, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Ah ok
ShadowtailsDerol Featured By Owner May 22, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I write that in my own diary....
DeathBlackShadoz Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Ah I see. Thank you for crediting me :) appreciate it
bubby7754 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2014
OH MY FUking GOD!!!!!!!!
:hug: t-thank y-y-you (stuttering because he can't believe he just read that masterpiece)
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