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"Aww come on, sis! Read us a better story!" yelled out a small girl in a pink outfit. "You have been reading us too many boring stories and it's not fun for me or Rom!" the girl in pink yelled out.

Her name was Ram and she had on a pink coat that had matched the hat that she is wearing. Along with a pair of stockings and pink boots. Like her big sister, she also had brown hair but it was slightly longer than hers. One thing about Ram is that she is more energetic and louder than her two sisters. She also loved to mess around with her big sister with her twin sister, Rom.

"Sorry, but I am not in the mood to read you two a story filled with childish nonsense."

The girl who had been reading them stories was a calm, quiet girl named Blanc. She had blue eyes and short brown hair that she covered with a big hat that bears an autumn color pattern on it. She had on a red dress and a small white coat that resembles a shrine maiden's outfit and had an autumn pattern that matches the hat she was wearing. Blanc was the CPU known as Lady White Heart that watched over Lowee. Along with her two twin sisters.

The other girl that sat around her started to speak. "Yeah...Ram is right. Can you read us something fun or exciting....?"

The shy, quiet girl was Rom. She had an outfit similar to Ram but it was in a powdered blue color rather than pink. But, unlike her twin sister, her personality was like her big sister's. And with her twin sister Ram, they both like to mess around with Blanc.

" two are getting on my nerves. I said no. If you two aren't happy with the stories I read, then go away and do something else to entertain yourselves."

"You're a big meanie, Blanc!" yelled out Ram.

"Yeah...big meanie..!" yelled out Rom as well.

The two had ran off and left Blanc alone. After running away from her, the two were deciding on how they would spend their time as they were walking around the otori forest.

"Hmm....what do you think we should do, Rom? Should we play hide and seek or play freeze tag?" she asked.

Rom was quiet. She had her head down and was looking down to the floor. Ram was confused.

"What's the matter, Rom? You seen more quiet than usual...." she had walked up to her and gasped at what she saw.

*sniff* *sniff* "Blanc...she was so mean..." Rom said softly. "I...I don't know why she didn't read us a story..."

Ram was upset. She didn't like the fact that her own big sister made Rom cry. So she started to think.

'Hmm...since Blanc was acting like a big, stupid dummy, then I know a way to get back at her. Hey Rom, you know how we're going to get her back? We're going to tickle her silly! It's what she deserves for being such a bully!" she smiled.

Rom looked at Ram and shortly afterwards, she wiped the tears off of her face and was smiling softly. "Okay...let's do it. But the question is, how?"

Ram had opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out. "Uhh, I haven't thought it out yet. she said quietly. We should look around the forest and see what we can find to use against Blanc! I'll look in the left side, you look on the right!" said Ram.

"Okay!" yelled out Rom.

Rom had remembered the forest path so she wasn't worried about getting lost. As she was walking, Rom tried to keep an eye out for something that could be useful for their plan. But she saw something that caught her interest. A big, colorful flower was sticking out in the middle of the path she was walking in.  

"Ooh....a pretty flower...I have to show this to Ram..."

Rom had ran up to the flower and tried to pull it up from the ground, but it wouldn't budge. "Hmm...what should I do...?"

While she was distracted, the flower behind her was moving strangely and made weird noises. Rom had turned around and was looking at the flower. She saw two eyes looking at her and then, arms started popping out and soon, a head had popped out as well. It had bright red hair. Rom didn't think It wasn't an ordinary plant. It was a girl.

"Hey! Don't pull on me that hard!" yelled out the strange girl. "Hmm? I never seen you around here. What's your name?"

Rom was a little nervous. She slowly kept walking away from the creature. The girl was confused.

"Hey, why are you walking away from me? Don't you want to play with me? Come on, let's play!" she smiled.

Rom had stopped and looked at the creature again. She noticed that the girl didn't mean any harm. In fact, it seemed like it was friendly and playful. Rom had walked up to her and suddenly, she was grabbed by a vine!

" this...?" she asked nervously.

"It's nothing, silly! I'm just saying hi! Let's play a game together!" she kept smiling.

Rom started to giggle. "Your vine is tickling me....hehehe...."

At that moment, Rom remembered what Ram had told her. 'We should look around the forest and see what we can find to use against Blanc!'

"Uhm, excuse me miss flower lady...but would you be interested in helping me and my sister get back at our big sister?"

The girl was surprised. Someone had actually wanted her help! She smiled and let go of Rom.

"Sure, I'll be glad to help you and your sister out! So what are you going to be doing that you needed my help in?" she asked.

"Uhm...I'll tell you when we find Ram." said Rom.

Flower girl was looking at her.

"Your sister is named Ram? That's a funny name. Wait a minute, you never told me yours."

Rom stopped and looked at her.

"I'm Rom. It's nice to meet you miss flower lady." she smiled.

The two started to walk back to the area where Rom and Ram had been before they had split up.

"Heeeey! Rom!!" yelled out Ram.

She ran towards Rom and stopped as soon as she saw the creature behind her. Ram took a moment to look at the girl that was behind Rom.

"Uhh, why is this thing following you, Rom? Does it like you or something?"

Rom smiled, "No Ram, she's a new friend of mine who is going to help us with our plans. She is really excited to hear the plan."

The flower girl started to shout. "Tell me the plan! Tell me, tell me, tell me!!"

Ram is confused. She didn't know how Rom found such a creature but she was happy to know that the flower girl was eager to help with their revenge.

"Hmm, I like your excitement! So here's what we're going to do. Our big sister, Blanc was mean to both me and my sister. She also made Rom cry so now, we are planning to teach her a lesson by torturing her by tickling!!" ram yelled out.

"Tickle torture, huh? Hey, I can really help you out there! I can trap her by using my vines and make sure that she won't be able to move at all!" the flower girl had smiled as she called out a bunch of vines.

"That's perfect! But if I know Blanc, she isn't the type of girl to get easily captured. Especially when she is in her CPU form....." Ram become quiet. She knows that Blanc was strong, especially when she is in CPU form.

The plan was at a halt. None of them could figure out how they can get Blanc. Rom was thinking of ideas while Ram and the flower girl were talking to each other. 'If we were to stop our big sis....we'd have to tire her out...but how...?'

"Hello? Earth to Rom!" yelled out Ram.

Rom suddenly shook her head and broke out of her trance state. She then realized a possible idea for the plan.

"I...have a plan. Maybe...the flower lady would be able to make fake versions of herself. That way...Blanc would waste her strength trying to kill the real one."

The Flower girl had a frown on her face.

"Hey, I don't want to do all this work...Unless you let me do more than just hold her down." she remarks.

Ram knew what she had wanted something in return for the work.

"Hmm, if you can do all of this, you can join in on the tickling! Sounds fair?" she replies.

"Hehehe....very fair. I can't wait to find out her sensitive spots. Okay, deal!" she said with an evil smile. But she had another thought. "Wait, how are you going to lure her down here? Especially with her CPU form?"

Rom smiled once again.

"Easy... Ram will go and tell Blanc that I've been captured by a dangerous creature that is tough. She will have no choice but to come down and 'save me'." she said in a very cute but devious manner.

"Nice idea, Rom! I'll make sure to act as serious as possible to make her believe me!" Ram yelled out.

The three had all agreed on the plan and were set. Rom stays behind with the flower lady and will do their part. Ram was now heading back to the Basilicom to find Blanc.

"Blanc!!! Where are you?! I have some bad news!!!" Ram yelled out as she was running around the complex.

She then found Blanc sitting in the same room, in the same exact spot as she was before. "What is it now? Did one of you fall down and hurt yourself again?" she said softly as her eyes were focused on the book that still grabbed her gaze.

"No, no! It's much, much worse! It's Rom. She....she's been captured by this monster!"

"What? Is this a prank or is she in danger?" Blanc asked angrily. Her eyes were now fixed onto Ram, a flame starting to build up in her stare.

"No, no, no. This isn't a prank, I swear! We were walking around in the forest and next thing I know, a monster appeared and took her away!"

Blanc was now enraged. She made a dissatisfied frown yet a fearsome expression. "Tch! That stupid monster picked the wrong day to mess with me. Kidnap my sister and you're just asking for a beating!" She stood up and toss the book onto the ground.

She then transformed into her CPU form. She had looked different than before. Her hair was now a teal blue color that became slightly longer in length as her eyes were red and her outfit resembles a White bodysuit along  with long white gloves and boots that bore red colors on them.

"Blanc, do you really have to transform for this?" Ram said as she looked at her.

"Of course! Alright, show me where you found this monster so I can kill the fucker who took Rom!" White Heart yelled out!

"Okay, follow me then!" The two ran out of the Basilicom and were on their way to the forest.

Ram started giggling as they were running. " she's going to be more stubborn as we tickle her. I'll make sure that we'll torture her really good!"

The two had arrived at the forest and Blanc started to walk around, looking for the monster that had captured Rom.

"Well, where were you two before that monster came out?" asked Blanc.

"We were in an area where there was a field of colorful flowers. And then, one of them turned out to be the creature that took Rom."

Blanc knew the area as well. She walked to the field and kept looking around. She didn't see anything suspicious. But as a safety precaution, she pulled out her axe. As she pulled out her weapon, a creature popped out from behind.

"Aha! I found you now!" she then charged at the creature with full speed and sliced it in half.

"That was too easy! Hey Ram, I don't see Rom anywhere! Are you sure this was the creature?" asked Blanc asked.

"Uhh, yeah! But that's not the one..."

Blanc looked confused. "What do you mean that wasn't it?"

As she asked the question, more of the same creature popped out. "Damnit, these things are everywhere! Ram, stay back. I'll handle this."

She then started swinging her weapon around, slicing all of the monsters that were around her. "Is that all you got?! I don't care how many of you pop out, I will slaughter you all!"

Blanc kept killing them all rapidly. But every time she would kill one, two more would pop out in it's place. The battle seemed endless, but Blanc did not worry about such things. She was confident in her strength.

Ram kept watching her sister destroy all the dummies that the flower girl had made.

"I hope this works. Blanc still has a lot of energy and is just destroying them in one hit..." Ram watches how the clones were easily pulverized by Blanc's axe.

It had been a while and Blanc was still fighting the creatures.

" *pant* I still have some strength left in me....come on you stupid things..." she kept slicing and slicing the crowd of dummies that kept popping out.

"Hey Blanc! You look tired. Do you want me to help you out?" asked Ram.

"Urgh....I am fine! Just stay back there and keep an eye out if Rom comes out!"  

Before she knew it, Blanc was completely surrounded. "Alright! You think you can beat me?! You're dead wrong, you stupid things! I'll beat you all, right now!"

She charged all of her remaining strength into her weapon. She had closed her eyes and raised her weapon in the air with her two hands.

"This is the end for you, bitches! Take this!!! Hyah!!!"  she jumped into the air and slammed her weapon on the ground and destroyed all the creatures with the impact.

"That...was nothing...heh" Blanc fell down and sat down on the ground. "No sign of Rom at all...Ram, I don't think..."

Before she finished her sentence, vines popped out from the ground and started to grab Blanc's legs, pinning them down to the forest floor.

"Hey!! What the hell is this?! Let me go!" she tried pulling the vines off of her legs but in a flash, two vines had grabbed her arms and pulled them up her head. The vines on her arms slither halfway down her arms and held them securely above Blanc's legs. In the process of the vines bounding her arms, her weapons fell out of her finger's grasp. Not only that, the vines started to wrap themselves tightly around her legs but they stop at a certain point was above the boots.  

"What the hell is going on?! Stupid vines,!!!" yelled out Blanc as she struggles desperately.

" can try and break out but it's useless. You don't have any strength left to fight back."

The flower girl had appeared in front of her. "So you are the one who is the meannie head, huh?"

"What are you talking about?! Where's Rom?!"

The girl had moved out of the way and Rom appeared. "Hello...Blanc..."

"Rom, you're okay...Quick, take Ram and go back to the Basilicom. I'll handle this..."

"Oh, I don't think so Blanc!" yelled out a familiar voice. Ram had ran up to Blanc and started laughing. "All of this was just a clever plan to get you back. And it worked! You fell right into our trap!"

Blanc was angry. "You stupid little brats pretended to be in trouble just to get back at me?! Fine, you got me. Just take these vines off of me!!!"

"No way!" yelled out the twins in unison.

Ram had approached Blanc. She looked as her tough big sister was tied up, completely helpless. "Hey guys, it's time for stage two. Rom, you ready?"

"I'm ready..." said Rom.

The two had approached Blanc and her feet. The two were removing her shoes slowly, making Blanc nervous.

"H-Hey!! Get away from my feet! What do you think you're doing!!" she yelled out. She tries to kick her feet away from their grasp but the vines started to advance over her bare legs until it reach the ankles. Blanc shivered at the cold vines slowly binding her legs.

Rom and Ram didn't pay attention to Blanc. Rom had removed the left, but not entirely. She had left it on her toes. Ram had seen what she had done, so she had done the same to her right. Blanc realized how exposed her feet were. She made sure that she would not move them around in order to keep her toes safe. But the flower girl noticed what the twins did.

"No, no, no. That won't do. These little boots must be completely off!" she then removed them off her toes in a flash. The cool, damp air of the forest had caused her toes to wiggle. Blanc stared at her bare feet and wanted to do something about such... nakedness.

"So much better. You really have cute feet, you know. And the way you moved your toes is just adorable." she had giggled.

Blanc knew that something horrible was coming. She was in a bad position. "Damn it, let me go now!! When I break out of these binds, I'll teach you two a lesson you'll never forget!! she yelled out.

Rom had sat down on the floor. "I'm ready for the next part...." she said softly.

The flower girl was next to Blanc. "Aww, I wanted to bully her toes." she groaned. Blanc was a tad curious yet scared at that statement. She quickly motion her toes down into a curled state, not wanting something unexpected to happen to them.

"Oh well, I'll get my chance soon enough. I guess I'll tickle her here..." she swiped a leaf on Blanc's underarm. Due to her outfit, her underarms are naked and revealed. Blanc found her eyes twitching at the feeling, her lips shutting down against each other. Blanc had made no noise at all. She had held back her giggles as she closed her eyes.

Ram was looking at her face. "Hmph, so stubborn I swear!" She moved back to Blanc's right foot. "Any last words before we begin, sis?"

"Yeah, do your worst and try to make me laugh." Blanc had curled her toes and prepared herself for the torture.

"Alright then, tickle time..." she said with a devilish smile. Ram had started moving her index fingers in a circle and was slowly approaching Blanc's feet. Blanc regretted her words. She found Ram's fingers to be quite a nerve pricking device. Ram's nails are sharp. Her index finger scratches up and down the wrinkled medium size sole. Her toes are still curled down as Blanc quivers in her confinement. The flower girl watches Blanc and continues to stroke her armpits. Blanc could not motion herself away from the cruel leaf that the flower girl was using. She could feel the soft tip slowly stroking her bare pits- teasing the sensitive nerves in there. Not only her nerves in her armpits, but her soles as well. Her feet are not given any mercy. Ram's index finger continues to stroke in a circle right in the middle of her right foot. Blanc fidgets in her current state. She must not laugh!

Rom decided to join in, making sure she gets Blanc at the correct moment. Blanc found Ram teasing her even more, "Aw, is our big sister ticklish? Being mean to your little sisters and denying our interests in books? I think you deserve to laugh!" Blanc wish she could curse at Ram or say something but she found herself fighting against her urges to giggle... No, these giggles were slowly turning into the need to laugh. She must not! She did not want to show her little sisters such a side- it would be too embarrassing!

Blanc closes her eyes and tries to doze off the tingling feeling. Both her underarms and feet are ticklish but she feared that her feet will be the worst spot that will bring her demise. AH! Blanc let out a squeal that caught all of their attention. Blanc was glad that her own lips sealed themselves shut before laughter erupted right after that squeal. She glares at her left sole and notice Rom using one index finger to tease her arch. Blanc decides to put up a struggle- wiggling and kicking her soles all around. At the least, she could easily ease the tickling on her feet... now, she needs to do something about the- OH MY GOD!

"Do that again sister!" Ram said in a cheery expression, loving such a sound!

Blanc found herself feeling a finger teasing her big toe! She stare to her right sole and notice Ram's index finger poking and scratching the pad on her big toe! Blanc wanted Ram to stop it! The teal hair woman shook her head side to side at the feeling. The two little sisters did not even glance at their sister's reactions as they focused on her bare feet but the flower girl did. Flower girl gave a smile and lean towards Blanc's right ear.

"Aw, your soles are really that ticklish? I wish I could tickle such cute things... surely, I bet you were never tickled in a way that tossed you into insanity... You have such freedom for now with such cute moving delights but for how long? I will slowly teach you restraint..." the flower girl decides to blow into Blanc's ears and have the leaf press a bit harder against her armpit. Blanc jumps at the feeling and tries to move herself away from the wet, smooth leaf.

NO, NO, NO! Blanc wants to scream. Rom decided to do the same like Ram- tickling the pads on her toes! The feeling was unbearable! The feeling of sharp nails attacking Blanc's small digits that seem to hold super sensitive nerves makes her mad with laughter! Luckily, the two little sisters stop their tickling on Blanc's toes.

The flower girl notice the relief from the torment and glance at the two twins.

"Try her heels." Rom began to scratch at Blanc's left heel with one hand. UGH! Blanc could not believe this! Reduced to a struggling CPU Goddess that must endure tickling from her little sisters- how sad! Blanc's toes were wiggling around as well as her entire sole. Ram did the same think making Blanc's feet wiggle around an awful lot. The twins finally notice such a move.

"Cheating! You're moving your feet too much- you are suppose to have them still so we can tickle you easily!" Ram exclaims, grabbing Blanc's right foot with both hands.

"Oh, I know a way to end her movement."

"No..." Blanc managed to stay as she pants heavily, "I will fucking kill you-"

"Oh, what is it?" Ram asks in an utmost curiosity as it interrupts Blanc.

"You will see... just continue to tickle her soles." Ram nod towards the flower girl. Blanc could not believe how effective this method is! Rom decides to spread her fingers out. Her thumb and index finger tickled around the arches and the middle of her sole, as the rest of her three fingers attacked the bottom part- around the heel.

Blanc had a silly face on her right now. She was flustered, irritated, making such movements that deteriorate her image! She is suppose to be strong and prideful NOT a weak and ticklish girl! Blanc is glad that her other friends are not here; seeing this scene would make her cry and feel pathetic!

Ram decided to attack Blanc's instep. She raises her right hand right below her toes and release a frenzy of scratches. She giggles as Blanc's right foot shivers and hastily curl her toes down. Ram's fingers were caught in her Blanc sudden movement. The little sister just glares at her soles and use both hands to gang up on those nasty toes! They are not nasty- they are cute... just that they just moved so quickly and attacked Ram's fingers. Blanc's face was twisted in her stubborn efforts to not laugh. Her eyes are shut, her body tingles, sweat slowly beaded down her head, her mouth was tightly shut as her insides were dying to explode. The move Ram did only pushed Blanc to a deeper hole; the soft delicate toes screamed with a thousand receptors to respond immediately.

Blanc could not stand it anymore!

"STOPAHAHHAH, DMANAHHA ITTHAHAHAHHS, STOPAHAHHAHAH YOUHHAHHAHAH IBIBIBITHTHCHCHEHHSAHAHHAHHAHA!" Blanc wish she could control her cursing CPU self. Ram stops her tickling but she was furious.

"Blanc! Did you just call us...!?"

"Blanc..." Rom said in a disappointed, saddened, and depressed tone. Blanc's face blushed heavily with guilt and regret. S-she did not mean to...

"H-hey..." Blanc said, "I did not mean it... I mean, y-you are tickling- AH!" Blanc was silenced by the flower girl who decided to tease her armpits once again but fellow thin vines with soft leaves came out of the ground to assist in the tickling.

"Such a mean girl~!" exclaim the flower girl, "I think she deserves a notorious torment! I mean, she did not read you a story, and now, she called her own sisters... Tsk, she must be humiliated!"

"I did not mean to!" Blanc shouted out loud, her tone in her CPU form being mix with sadness, "It's just that you are tickling me-"

"You deserve it!" Ram said clawing her fingers at her toes. Blanc could not stand such motions, tossing her head back as she felt her nails attack her digits once more.


"Blanc needs to be punished..." Rom said in a very soft voice. She slowly claw her hands all over Blanc's left sole. The move sent more messages to her body. Blanc's feet were awake- sensitive to any touches that the two made. Her ability to hold out any longer was fading.  


"Hold on you two, let me show you a very effective method now... and we shall play a game~" the flower girl said in a very cheery manner. The two twins raise their eyebrows and glance at her.

"Oh, how? Tell us!" Ram said, "I want to learn." The flower girl giggles and halt her own vines from tickling Blanc's armpit. White Heart was getting a break for now although she feared what was to come.

"You were complaining about her soles moving around, right?"

"Yeah!" Ram said.

"Well... watch this!" two small vines came out of the ground near Blanc's soles. Blanc quickly caught onto what was going to happen next. She curl her toes and shook her head.

"Oh no-" Ram quickly force Blanc's toes to uncurl. Ram forcibly squeeze her hands across her toes. Blanc's toes were pushed from their defensive state. Blanc was going to curse at Ram for being a bastard but she stopped. She was in a deep mess for making such a remark. The vines shot right at Blanc's big toes and pulled them back. Blanc could feel the upcoming helplessly. She could not wiggle her feet side to side or wiggle her big toes. Ram took her hands off of her sister's soles. She raise an eyebrow.

"Couldn't we use our own hands to hold her toes back?"

"Well, that is an effective method but didn't you want her to receive a full punishment? Why use one hand to hold her toes while you could use both hands to tickle her?"

"What about the other toes...?" Rom asks. Blanc was testing out her movement in such a toe restraint. She could wiggle her other toes but that could not ease the upcoming assault. Her ability to wiggle left to right is gone.

Rom was really quiet as she was right beside Blanc's left foot. She was a bit astounded by her older sister's soles. They are really soft. The way her fingers just graze against her skin was intoxicating. Rom knows what it feels like to be tickled. Ram usually tickles her to no end time to time and she endured but she was never tied up. The fact they are tickling their older sister was perhaps a memorable moment she would keep...

"Rom, are you okay?" Ram asks. Her twin sister glance at her, snapping herself out of her trance, "Ah... yes, I am fine."

"Did Blanc made you sad by calling us a..."

"I SAID I WAS SORRY!" Blanc exclaims, her face showing such shame on herself, "I did not mean to-"

"Lies!" Ram said sticking her tongue out.

"Why you...!?" Blanc almost said something until Rom pokes the bound big toe. Both twin sisters actually love the fact they have their big sisters in such a predicament. Trapped, helpless, and tickled. Ram loved the dominance she was getting over their big sister as Rom loves the cute reactions and the tickling treatment to their sister. The flower girl was loving the very scene before her; snickering softly as she could read everything that was going on.

"You should calm down sis..." Rom said as her index finger scratches her pad. Blanc could not respond, refusing to laugh once again.

"Yeah. You need anger management programs as well... Why don't we use this as a way to relieve such anger!"

"I can control my anger!" Blanc shouted- giggling at the light touches she felt on both he armpits.

"Now, before we continue, here's the little game. If you say 'stop'... I'll tie the rest of your toes. So hold those lips close." Blanc felt Ram's fingers target her heel. The soft leaves continues to stroke against Blanc's armpits but they were pressing harder into her hollows. Not only that, the leaves were coated in something. They were wet and light, acting as if they were feathers. Blanc's eyes twitch at the feeling but her body always responded to the nails scratching her smooth tender soles.

With her big toes bound, the twins could easily focus on her feet. Ram notice the particular movements that would make her soles twitch or have the need to move around. Rom, on the other had, focused on the toes and watch how they responded to such simple touches. She then traveled down most of her stretched out sole and test out the various areas. She scratched at the smooth unwrinkled arches and the very center of the sole to the sides of her foot then to the hard and rough heel. Rom also took note on how Blanc's toes reacted if she tickled somewhere else.

Blanc did not like this! She felt pain in her chest for forcing her urges down her throat. She could feel tears slowly rise into her eyes as her cheeks reveal the color of roses. She was not sweating anymore but she found herself... losing her mind. She could not think, reason, or even talk unless she wanted to lose herself in laughter. She was maddened by her body's urges. She did not want to laugh but mouth wanted to. She disliked the feeling of the nails and leaves but her nerves told her how it tickles and how she must respond to hem. Her mind was trying to reason with such notions of this torture but her mind begged for this all to end.

Blanc accidentally said, "Stop..." as her own well-being was going against her body's urges. The flower girl stops and let more vines pop out of the ground. The twins glance at one another. They were confuse to such a move- did Blanc said stop? Without any delay, the vines wrapped around each of Blanc's toes and pulled them back. Her feet are stretched back and lies on the ground in sheer immobilization. Blanc's eyes snap wide open and said to the flower girl.

"I-I didn't say stop! I was telling my body to stop!"

"Right." the flower girl said, folding her arms beneath her somewhat revealing breasts, "That's a good excuse..."

"No, really!" Blanc curse at her own state and random outburst. This will be bad.

"You know, I like this." Ram said, "Such feet are tied up so thoroughly- what is this method?"

"Toe binding," the flower girl answers, "This is, obviously, a method to restrain the victim's toes into a motionless state. As you can see, her toes cannot even move. Try it out..." With that said, Ram strokes her index finger down Blanc's right foot. The feeling stunned Blanc drastically! This was too much! Did she ever felt such maddening sensations!? Blanc jumped at the stroke and quickly glance away from her feet. The flower girl raise an eyebrow as Ram notice her sister's funny reaction.

"No... This can't be happening...!" whispered Blanc. The feeling was ten times worse! For some odd reason, her utter immobilization unless something that maddened Blanc. Why did this happen!? Rom's fingers started to tease her bound toes. Blanc's eyes closed themselves shut to ease the feeling but it did not work. Instead, she envision the feeling of her feet being tickled right in her head. NO!

"I think I'll just add the slight tickles to the underarms now..." the flower girl said, the slight tickles coming to Blanc's armpits force Blanc to turn her head towards the front.

"No...." Blanc whispers once again as the three ticklers notice such a plea. Ram gave a triumphant smirk.

"OH! Now you're begging us not to tickle you? The strong almighty sister of ours is reduced to such a weak state? Maybe having your soles tied up like this is making you feel such maddening sensations?" Ram felt really happy. She likes to tickle Rom but having this sort of torment to her older sister was a great moment in her mind! She praise herself for getting at her older sister... maybe she could do that next...

"Blanc..." Rom said softly, blinking at her sister's face and staring at the sole right next to her. The entire time, Rom was blushing heavily. None of the other three noticed or pointed out her flushed cheeks. Rom was loving this torment on her sister not because this is for revenge. She loved the way they're spending quality time together... and how cute it is to see a side of Blanc that she never reveals.

Blanc said no more as she accidentally puffs her left cheek and shut her lips tight as a smile form from the tickling. The leaves kept a moderate pace against her armpits, not slowing down or speeding up. The sensation was nothing compared to the torment on her pretty tender soles.

The nails raked up and down, left to right on the lower region of each foot. Her body wanted to do something about this. They wanted her soles to move away from the sharp nails that threaten ever inch of her smooth surface as each nerves send a devastating feeling to Blanc. Her toes wanted to flex, wiggle, curl, something but they were grasped tightly by the vines... What surprise Blanc was what the vines were secretly doing. They were making themselves soft. Soft like a feather. As the vines do this, Blanc found the vines to tickle after they finish the process. If her toes squirm slightly in their bonds, the vines holding her feet will tickle her. Not only her toes but her legs. The vines around her legs tickles as well... what was worse was a new feeling that greatly disturbs Blanc. Enjoyment? No, it couldn't be...

But Blanc's face was beat red. She was losing hr composure as the tickling greatly increase. The flower girl decides to have some of her vines tickle such delights as well- the vines popping from the ground and slithering their way to the spaces in between each toe. Rom and Ram use both hands and engulf the very sole from her arches to the heels. Since both the twins have small hands, they could easily cover most of Blanc's feet.

Scratches, strokes, slithering like vine feathers engulf Blanc's mind. Her soles could not take such notorious attacks- her mind was shattered by this. Her body temperature was above normal now, her body aching to release her urges after putting them off so stubbornly.

Rom was entranced by Blanc's helpless foot. She leans in and...

"NOAAHAHHA MOREHAHHAHAA OHAHAHAHHH MYAHHAHAHHAH GODHHHAHAHAHH! PLEAHSEHESHSHAHAHAH SOTPAHAHHAHA! AAIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAHAHAH!" Blanc's face lit up in such laughs and tears. What threw her off was Rom's sudden move. She lowers her face down to lick her sister's toes. Her tongue was a tad shy to do such a move but it press forward after tasting such delights. Blanc's soles tasted like vanilla. Did she lotion her feet up or something? Rom could not stop her tongue and her urge to lick such tasty treats. Her face was extremely red for doing such an action. She was shy about this but she ignored her doubt.

Ram was taken aback by such a move and blushed at her twin sister for doing this. She blinks several times before she thought about doing the same thing. Her sister was laughing up a storm. She quickly killed her doubt and lean against Blanc's right sole. She open her mouth and nibbled on the side of her foot.

Blanc was at her ends- her body got the best of her. Her nerves relish in the feelings and her body did whatever they wanted to express such sensations the engulfed White Heart. The flower girl was jealous at the two twins licking her soles but she decided to get a taste of White Heart. She leans into her right armpit and took a long savoring lick. Blanc's mind exploding by such a move.

"NOHAHHAHAAHAHAA OHAHAHAHAHA STOPSPOHAHAAHHHAHAH! IHAHAHAH CAN'THAHAHAHAHAHHAHA AHHAHAH NOAHAHAHAHHA HAHAAAAAH AIIIIE!" Blanc could not beg anymore. All three of her ticklers started to use their hands and mouth. This was too much!

The flower girl use her nails over the wet area she licked in Blanc's right armpit. She mixed the sharpness with the wet saliva that tingles deep into her sensitive hollow. The twins were experts in making Blanc's feet quiver madly against their confinement. Ram and Rom know the areas that force Blanc's soles to move around. By using their sharp nails on these areas, they made Blanc's feet have urges to move around yet make them feel completely helpless. They made such targets struggle in a fruitless attempt to escape. Her toes were targeted by Rom. The teeth that nibbles on the pads of each toe or the very tongue that loved the taste of each suckable toe and how it sent flavors into Rom's mouth. Ram wanted to bite and make Blanc go crazy. She could care less about licking as her teeth stink deep into her skin and attack the nerves. The nerves could not bear such hard sharp instruments as Blanc release deadly high pitch screams.

Blanc could not describe the feelings that overwhelmed her. The tickling was intense, her state was in hysteria, her eyes were watery with such feelings as her cheeks blush from the heightened touches on her. Her body trembles madly as it slowly found her energy going away.

Both the little twins glance at one another and signal for their last attack. They have all ten fingers attack her heels. The flower girl notice their sudden move as their faces are above her five toes. The vines that held her toes quickly bundle them close together as the tickling vines traveled to her arches, sides, and the middle. Blanc notice her little sister right above her soles- screaming out, "NOHHHHHAAHAHAHHA! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAA AHAHA NOTTHAHAHAHFFFUAHAHHAAHAH!" Blanc was too late. Both her little sisters engulf her piggies into their mouths. Rom was the passive but notorious licker who uses her tongue and lips to tickle Blanc's left toes. Ram, on the other hand, uses her teeth and uses her tongue in a hasty manner to tickle her right toes.The vines holding her legs and toes quickly vibrated and tickled her even more! Blanc's armpits found themselves tickled at a faster pace as well as the flower girl speeding her tongue up.

Overwhelming sensations closed Blanc in! She was laughing in her highest pitch ever, her voice losing her tone as her tears stroll down her face with some drool that dripped beside her mouth. She could not struggle anymore as the last of her energy was depleted from such intense actions! She felt extremely warm, hot, and wet...

She passed out....


"NO MORE!" Blanc cried out blushing heavily as the two little sisters were in front of her. They both giggled madly. Blanc blush madly at the two and shook uncontrollably.

"You are okay Blanc?" asks a long light purple hair girl in a tailor sight and purple eyes, "I was informed by these two about what happened..."

"What a shame..." Uni said at the doorway, standing against the wall with folded arms. "Tickled by such a cheap move..." Her cheeks were red though.

"Rom, Ram- why did you tell them!"

"We did not tell them anything- they were watching!" Ram explained, "Besides... That was fun!"

"Why you little..."

"Sister, we are sorry..." Rom said in a timid voice, her cheeks red, "We did not mean to push it that far..." Blanc was going to say, 'Hell yeah...' but she stopped herself. Maybe she was in the wrong and deserved it. They are her little sisters and she should treat them better than what she has before. She blush slightly at the fact she is in the wrong and sighs. She is the worse big sister ever.

"I am at fault, Rom." Blanc said calmly, "I should have read you a better story and at least play with you two time to time." Both the little sisters were happy and hugged her. Blanc chuckles at such actions and close her eyes.

"Aw." Nepgear said as Uni just watches.

"That was really fun though." Ram said, "I was the genius behind it all!"

"Oh... really?" Blanc quickly change her attitude and glares at Ram. Ram gasp at the sudden hostility, grabbing Rom and left the room.

"Run for it!"

"Hold on you two, don't go wondering off like that!" Nepgear follows them as Blanc sighs. She blush at what had happened. She glance at her feet under the sheets, rubbing them together to quickly find her eyes twitching and her body having the urge to laugh right there and then.

"How... was it?" Uni asks. Blanc blush madly at the question and glance at Uni, "W-what do you mean!?"

"T-the tickling... Wasn't it fun and that wonderful?"

"I..." Blanc did not want to answer such a question but she did anyways. She found herself smiling and saying an honest response, "Yeah. It was. I guess that was like a sisterly like bonding."

"I am a tad envious." Uni admits, "But I feel like I went through the same experience with you... I was tickled before but I can't say... Nepgear is keeping something away from me though...


"Miss Nepgear, have you tickled anyone before?" Ram questions.

"Oh, sometime ago, I did!" Nepgear respond with a smile.

"Oh, who was it? Was it your sister?" asks Ram.

"No, it was Uni!"

"Oh really?" Ram said in astonishment, "She's really stubborn, isn't she? How did you..."

"I don't know... I told her  I wouldn't say anything..."

"Please... tell us Miss Nepgear." Rom asks politely in such a cute voice.

"Okay, okay, but tell me how you enjoyed tickling your sister!" Nepgear said, "I know you two did." They both blush and nodded their heads in agreement.

Blanc and Uni sneezed and glance at one another.
Well, this was a joint project. The first half was made by a fellow writer and friend :icondemonicreid:

He was going to do a tickling story on Blanc so I decided to help out as well. I done a pic on Nepgear and Uni so why not continue the show? I also have the picture of a scene from this story.

Well, you will see what this is all about- just read it.

Took me a while to type up the tickling segment since I was trying to get above my usually method but I think I repeated it? I don't know, you lot tell me.

Note: I will make more projects based of of Hyperdimension Neptunia- if you haven't notice, I typed one with Neptune in the World of Cluster (WOC) project.

Here's the link to see the picture fully: [link]

Well enjoy
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