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Total darkness. That was what a poor blonde elf was feeling as some female was watching over her. The very female who supervise the poor elf as she hides in the shadows nearby, watching this Blondie get tortured. No, this was no regular torment. To describe such a torment would be to say it was something to die for through laughing.

This poor blonde elf had very nice smooth skin although the strange dark creatures were swarming all over this female victim. She was naked, revealing her huge breasts that went far beyond the average size of any female and her oversize butt. Her vagina was not tampered or touched by these demonic spawns, but that area will not be safe for long. It was hairless, ripe for the picking.

She was confine in chains, ropes, and unbreakable magic. Hey eyes and mouth were wrapped by some cloth, yet the blonde elf could feel the magic around the two pieces of rag. Not only that, she could feel some magic all around her body. She could not struggle properly, her attempts to even move were restricted due to the extreme bonds that usher all over her body. Chains secured her to whatever device she was strapped onto as ropes were coiled around her fingers and toes. Her neck is held down by a strange thin chain line that could be similar to a collar, but it holds something that the blonde elf could not figure out. Her arms are secured by ropes and chains, tightly wrapped by the rope once as the chains secure those limbs to the device the elf is in. Her legs were spread out making a 45 degree angle with the same binding method applied to them like her arms. Her chest, however, was barely secured, but the elf knows some thin strands of rope that holds her body against her will. There was magic mixed in with the rope around her chest and other parts of her body, but the magic actually paralyze and controls the movement of any area.

What exactly was going on?

Demonic spawns- banshees, imps, daemons, devils, succubus, incubus- are tickling all over her body. The poor long blonde hair elf was laughing to her heart’s content! Tears leak out of the blindfold that blinds her sight, yet her mouth release slight saliva form the gap of her mouth as she is forced to like this. Is she in Hell? No, not really. Or was she? The elf tries hard to recall why she was receiving this, but she could not remember... what made things worse was the fact she could not even think at that very moment due to the hard sadistic tickling.

She felt like she explode! She only recalls slight tickles that bothers her in her previous memories, but this.... She felt true agony and suffering all over her body! She never thought such sensations would take over her! She also experience a tickling that reveals so many areas that should never be tickled... or so she thought. She falls two mouths tickling her nipples and breasts. A succubus and incubus decides to take her on a very ticklish sexual ride. For some odd reasons, the two creatures were able to make their tongues feel like a feather as they glide over the elf’s two delights. Their hands, however, did not decide to give her breasts a break even if there were two moist parts giving her a thrilling experience. They have sharp nails that really intensify the feeling of one’s sensitive skin. Imps tease the very belly and sides of the elf as they gnaw, nibble, chew, bite, scratch, and poke their tails deliberately in her belly button. They display no mercy. Luckily it was just four of them, anymore would be a trouble. The devilish red fiends watch the elf laugh a storm, her belly moving up and down as she lets air in and out. The imps decide to attack whenever she ‘breathes‘ or when the belly moves (although the imps would tickle her even if the belly does not move). The random attacks made the elf regret being stuck in her current predicament, struggling against the bonds. No avail though, the fact that she cannot even move tired her and heightened every part of her body to accept this torment. Her arms and legs were not safe even if there are confinements over them. The ghosts, or spirit type monsters, decide to have their limbs slide through the ropes and chains as they tickle and claw over her arms and legs. At first, the elf was not ticklish because her arms and legs were not that sensitive, but as they continued this method along with the harsh tickling on common areas, these areas subjected themselves to become ‘ticklish‘ to their ghastly touch.

The palm of her hands, back of the knee, her neck, back, even her ass were tarted. Her body was touched all around, tickled and forced to become sensitive to any light touch. Her face also becomes ticklish over the hours of torture?! She could not understand why she was going through this!

She was suppose to be dead if these kidnappers did not execute extreme measures to ensure her ‘living conditions’, although she could be dead already. The true mastermind behind this was observing the tickling, not saying a word. The female just smiles as the long hair elf was receiving such a treatment.  

Claws digs all over the blonde elf. She could feel her body screaming at the fact her naked body was being touched! Claws raking all over her smooth skin, moist tongues turning her on and tickling her, claws, nails scratching all around and forcing intense sensitivity, her mouth and eyes reacting greatly to these touches, and her body starts to show signs that she truly likes this, but she knows she was forced to like it.

The sharps nails at her arm pits throw her into another high-pitch scream. Ten or more on each smooth hairless arm pit. The imps are definitively seizing most of her body and tickling her mercilessly. Fingers would playfully scratch against her nerves or poke her arm pits willy nilly, or the paces of their nails intensify, or horrify the small sensors in her pits. Fluffy tails of some sort of creature stroke and dust around the elf’s face, neck, and the palm of her hand. Some of the ghosts decide to go through the bonds and ‘lick’ at her arms and thighs, surprising the blind less creature.

The sadistic mastermind knew two things about this elf. One, the elf confined before has really ticklish feet. The evil female overseer ordered no one to tickle her feet until she says otherwise. The very soles are ticklish everywhere- the top of her feet, the pads, toes, insteps, stems, arches, heel, very center, sides, and etc. The blonde’s feet were originally size six, but a couple of ‘mages’ tampered with the size to make them... larger. Now they are size fourteens. A bit too big, but all the merrier. The mages also place spells that enhance the sensitivity of these soles. The poor elf would not know what will hit her.

Secondly, this elf will easily fall prey to her body’s desire to enjoy the tickling... well, until her all spots are tickled (including her womanhood and soles). The female could see some liquid oozing out of the elf’s pussy, chuckling at the pathetic sight of this peasant elf... no, not peasant- traitorous elf. She sold out innocent lives for the sake of money- how can she, the hero of ‘unjust’ look over this!?

Lastly, once this elf submits to her ‘heavenly desires’, she will become a tickle slave for life. How did the tormentor know all of this? Oh, she was told about this by the ticklee. Yes, the blonde elf told the evil watcher HOW to get her...

To be honest, the person who is overseeing this is Audrey, one of the four heroes of unjust. She knows her just because of sheer coincidence, although the blonde elf does not know Audrey is the mastermind. All she knows is the fact she was caught doing bad things and being punished by ‘justice’. Audrey seriously laughs at this scene, playing with her read hair as she was getting slightly turned on.

The elf wants to beg, cry out her sins, beg for the torment to stop yet it won’t. It WILL NEVER end until Audrey seeks her as a tickle slave. Audrey was not that heartless, she does show some mercy... The blonde elf here, though, did something unspeakable and Audrey just wants her to receive a very ‘painful’ and ‘contained’ life. Audrey gives a glare towards the elf, approaching her from the shadows. The creatures did not stop their assault as they start to increase and place more power in their touch. Audrey said nothing. She wants to really make this bitch pay.

She glance at her soles. They are pretty. Elves are definitely pampered- careful to ensure their beauty is known throughout all the lands and prove superiority... even if it means going through drastic means to destroy one's beauty. Her feet are heavily restrained. Her toes are secured by thin threads, but very special threads wrap around her soles from her instep down to her heel. This sort of thread is magical and ghostly, enabling the foot to stay back. However, Audrey’s hands can go right through the thread. This means Audrey can tickle her soles as they are helpless to move forward or side to side. Audrey does not show mercy though. There are some funny looking panels to the side of her soles- fluffy yet demonic looking devices. These things can encase themselves around the side of her feet and top of her soles to secure and tickle those areas. It does not cover anywhere around the toes though, they are meant to secure the sides alone. Her heels are placed in some goo like glue. The elf does not know that it is goo, but she knows that her heels are stuck. Audrey wanted to have the elf’s soles get bigger- her arachnid female allies can show sheer volley. By that- you’ll see...

The elf continues to struggle with the heavy tickling throughout her body. She could not withstand anymore! The fact that her two areas that really torment her the most are not getting tickled-

“MPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPHAHAHHHHHHHHHHHPPFFFPFPFFFPFPHH!!!” the elf screams, finally showing a worsened state of laughter. Audrey grins at the fact her nails certainly woke the elf into Hell. The two arachnids were being merciless already as they torment the toes. They did not use their hands or mouth- oh no, the half female spiders use their furry legs to pick, poke, and stab at those tied piggies. All ten toes receive a very fluffy experience with their legs as they move them around in a moderate pace. Audrey was digging her nails in the very center of her soles. The elf’s face turned into a mess fast. Her drool began to drip through that gag madly as well as her tears drenching the blindfold and pouring down her face.

“Tsk,” the succubus made as she suggested, “I think she needs to go overdrive.”

“No, not overdrive, I think we should make this a living nightmare.” the incubus propose with an alluring young tone, “And while we are at it, teach these breasts to enjoy this.” Both of them drawn out stiff feathers and stroke them all over her breasts as their mouths start to suck and bite on those pink nipples.

“MPPHHFHFHFHFFHFPMMMM!” the elf screamed, moving a bit in her bounds. The imps notice and start to use their tongues and tails to worsen their assigned spots on her body. The ghosts did not do much with their assigned spots (except the ones at her neck and back as they use their mouth AND hands/fingers).

Audrey decides to let the spiders have the soles all to themselves as she approach the blonde’s private area. She gives a satisfied smile and leans in, blowing air on her spot. Audrey just watch that mound quiver so violently as the tickling and sexual pleasure goes on. Liquid shoots out time to time as this tickling onslaught continues. Audrey just waits a bit... the elf’s laughs increasing drastically as the spiders display their skills.

The half human arachnids would balance themselves on four legs. Their human part would lean close to the elf’s soles and licks the top of her toes. The elf certainly made a mess near Audrey since it fired cum like a gun. The spider hybrids are not finished. Their hands could easily reach the arches or the side of her feet. They spiders pulled down the fluffy contraption on the side to hear a very muffled screech come from her. The spiders than use their ten fingers and furiously scratch those arches like a cats clawing curtains till they are no more. Their four legs would then tickle the rest of the elf’s soles, leaving no spot untouched. The elf could not even live if Audrey had not place an immortality spell on her. She was howling with hysterical laughter. Her resistance went down...

She was in sheer bliss to the feelings of her ticklers. She could not forget the tickling sensations all around her! She felt like she would be forever ticklish! The tingling feeling cannot leave her body as it seems to be implanted in her. The fact that her body and mind enjoys this terrifies yet excites the blonde elf. Her vision and tongue are taken away from her making her helpless to prepare or beg. Oh, this was excitement yet a fearful experience. How is this possible?!

“I think you earn yourself a reward.” Audrey finally answers as she starts to finger her. Audrey was skillful enough to find her regions, taunting her g-spot and clitoris so easily. The elf certainly knew that voice. She would be mad, but she loved the fact Audrey allowed her to have an orgasm. She did not care any more! SHE LOVES THIS! She could not plea for more, or pester Audrey to continue since her moans were combined with her uncontrollable laughter. Audrey did not need permission, she knows that this bitch wants her to continue her finger foreplay. Audrey could feel the liquid oozing all over her hand. She ignores it as she pleases the elf who looks so.... pathetic. She was certainly a mess- prideful race, yeah right. More like a damn race full of arrogant pricks! Audrey really loathes the elves... Not all are mean, but the majority are to Blood Elves. Audrey decides to end her fucking and quickly use a fluffy feather to tickle her womanhood. This made the elf unleash a scream that could kill one’s hearing. The creatures gave devilish smirks as Audrey starts to press the torment.

“You will become my tickle slave... you damn elf- know your sin for killing thousands of innocent people. I should kill you, but you shall worship and become my tickle slave... you wench!”

The blonde elf knows she is dead inside. Not because of her action. Audrey HAS ensured that she will be her tickle slave and knows that this unjust hero has secured such means. Her life has been sold to the Blood Elf that will torment her forever. She cannot die... no matter what unless Audrey said so- the curse of the Devil.
Well, this is a little side story that branched itself from the Audrey novel. This is a scene where a elf gets tickled because of her actions. Also, Audrey shows a very evil side of her.

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StarFyre522 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 26, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I love the story!  It was very steamy, and the plot was excellent!   If I could make just one constructive criticism, it would be that the grammar structure needs a little work, but that is just me being picky.     I cant wait to read more from you! 

I recommend you reading my Tickled for Eternity series, especially the last two parts.  Both of them feature Elven tickling and being tickled! 
DeathBlackShadoz Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Haha, yeah, I am slowly improving in my stories, but I still need a lot of work. Been busy with a ton of stuff so I will try my best to improve in that area, unless I totally forget about it and continue to suck. <_< Haha, I am an amateur still :P But yeah, I'll look into your stories haha and thanks for the comment
DemonicReid Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013
Not familiar with the Audrey novel. But man, that was was crazy. I think you should try and put a mature filter on this though.

You really show no mercy in these stories, I love it.
DeathBlackShadoz Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Yeah- I thought I did put a strict filter on this story. Yeah, I have a very sadistic side I barely know of myself. Things just happened in my mind then boom.
DemonicReid Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2013
Nothing wrong with that. But whew, this one is a little different from all the previous stories. Have you made more like this and the Sheryl one?
DeathBlackShadoz Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Hm, no, although I will make another side story in tickletheater soon. The Sheryl one is actually new, based off of the Tyrant Wars a bit although it's not that far developed yet. The world Sheryl entered is another realm separate from the Earth and a bit more dirty with my fetish instead of seriousness.
DemonicReid Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2013
You will have to tell me more of these stories. I feel so lost. What do you mean by that?
DeathBlackShadoz Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
It should be in the Audrey Novel file.
DemonicReid Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013
Sorry to ask but where is that?
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