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Normal day at school. Most of the girls were wearing some usually summer clothing. I just roll my eyes glancing at the girls around the classroom. Of course- I'm the only guy wearing TRIPP products on me along with the fact I'm Goth. I am human- a bit.

I'm in high school. Senior, graduating. I just tilt my head as we were staring at the human body on the power point. Zombies… That would make me read more about the human system, but the information is boring as it is being taught by a boring teacher. I scratch my head through my dark outlined eyes, shaking my head in slight shame. There was a figure behind me… ah yes- my demon fiend- a lustful creature he is.

Slight giggles escape some gossiping girls towards the left… I gaze behind me to stare at my dark ally. I… Well, I'm a Satanist, but I'm one of Satan's agent… Surprisingly in disguise. I dislike this beast of mine… He's too anxious in his… little fetish. Oh, yeah, demons can have them as well.

"Quit it." I told him telepathically, talking between our minds. There was no response till a growl and distorted sound enter into my head. "No… I'm not telling you to leave, but not in public you stupid-"

The bell echo across the school as it signals the end of the day. The students left the room along with myself. I was the last one to get up and walk out of the room- ignoring my teacher's daily lecture of what he wants to see from me- his so called 'expectation'. I was fixated on talking to my demon companion though.

"You idiot," I said bewildered, "Are you trying to get these girls to point fingers!?" There was a slight gust, a high pitch scream. That was usually laughter in it's language… Stupid beast.

"I'm going to kill you." Those words slip out of my mouth scaring a girl that was in front of me. I did not notice. I blink at the female, unable to actually get a glimpse of her appearance as she frantically scurry away from me. Good riddance, but disturb my bubble.

"I'm not mean…" I mutter. I grew tired of talking to my beast in silence. It just left a sore pain in my head as to talking aloud while speaking telepathically calms my nerves- even if people are listening to my crazy self. The beast of mine appeared before me. He had no form, the very shadow form in front of me as he tries to make a human like body. He fails as it appears as a ghost. I said nothing to his attempt to reason and sway me to see his way… I snap back into reality staring around the place. Oh yes, it was the end of the day… I did not carry anything except my 'essentials'.

"Did you hear?" someone said out loud, "The mysterious curse that makes the bus go somewhere else?"

"Yeah right." a girl obnoxiously yell, "That's just a stupid rumor."

"The only thing that's stupid are some women around here." scoff another girl.

"Shut up bitch." curse one of them.

"And I even address you in such formalities- piss off." remark the cool tone female. I notice who it was… Another agent of Hell. It's not of Satan, but some female that is certainly Satanist, but she does not serve Satan… One of the Goddesses down there- don't know who… I glance at the dark hair emo flip female bearing heavy TRIPP product clothing, having that industrial looking Matrix look- walking past me with very pale skin and dark makeup. She was a tad taller than me by some inches… A strange aurora slip by me.

"Teach these bitches a lesson demon boy…" she comment. I glance at her feeling my 'area' go up by some strange feeling… Whatever, damn succubus.

"…AND TO PROVE IT TO YOU ALL…" that popular prep female is making a ruckus- WHAT THE…

She drags me to the very front and center, hugging me as if she knew me like a friend or some love interest.

"Get your-"

"HE WILL ACCOMPANY ME TO SHOW YOU IDIOTS THAT THIS IS SOME STUPID RUMOR!" I glare at the blonde hair female. Her entire attires match one that resembles Barbie- although she's not plastic. She has long hair, curly a bit, having blue eyes. Her outfit was similar to a female cheerleader's although it wasn't actually a cheerleader outfit- more of the casual tank top and short skirt. Her footwear consists of white flip flops showing her… I think her seven size soles with that teal nail polish.

"Nah Grace," said a buff jock male wearing a football shirt representing our high school, "I'll come and protect you from these stupid rumors…"

"W-well….Ehehehe…." Grace was giggling for no reason and a slight blush came up. She clasp her lips immediately and back away from me. My eyes were wide open, turning to my far right. I was staring at my personified beast, chuckling to himself even if the mere mortals could not see him.

"ASS." I exclaim in my head, planning to scream that out loud until some gossip was going on with the sudden crowd around me and Grace.

"I think Grace has a crush on that freak…" one pose.

"Yeah right…" said another.

"Shut up." I said in a cool manner, "I don't give a damn, I just want to get back to my place…" I was hoping I could easily escape this stupid randomly set up predicament- Fuck no. Grace, the senior known girl, stood in front of me.

"Are you scared?" she taunts, trying to make some ghost like sounds. I glare at her, having my eyes fix on her stupid mocking face. "You do not want to test me girl…"

"I dare to, and I wouldn't give a damn if you are hurt in the process- Heheheheheaha- Q-quit that!" she turns around staring at some nerdy guys backing off. Her face was slightly red again.

"Ha ha," I mock, knowing full well what is going on. I shove Grace out of the way. Two of her allies from the cheerleading group held her up.

"Y-you!" she roars, "YOU WILL COME WITH ME OR ELSE!?"

"Make me." I couldn't help but give a wide smirk and an anxious face waiting to see her try… I could implant that stupid pale face of hers when she notice… my devious attitude, or sheer looks. I turn my head closing my eyes. Time to go-


"Fuck…" How did this happen!? I was sure that I was heading towards the right fucking bus- no…. That's not it- Grace must have set this up!? I was sitting in this strange new bus filled with a lot of females. My eye was twitching wildly as I fold my arms across my chest, slumping on the chair. Stupid… girls…

Let's see if I know any of them… I sat up from my chair and glance at the bus- shit. Is this her fan club or something- wearing the fucking same  red tank top with the same short damn skirts!? Eh… that's the only difference… Their feet… I scratch my head thinking on- Fuck… My beast will surely go insane throughout this ride home… What was this fucking rumor anyways? I glance at the totally cool, pissed, and very resilient Grace. Her eyes were fix on the room as the bus driver was of higher class- a personal driver than the usually bus drivers.

"Hey Grace," I started, having a cool and trying to hide my irritated voice from such a sly move, "What the hell was that rumor anyways?"

She did not answer for a good minutes. After a few seconds though, she notice my sudden question.

"Oh! Sorry about that… Hell no I am not! That rumor is something stupid, you shouldn't worry about it."

"No…" I persist in my need to know, "What was the rumor?" The bus was driving on a very road close to some forests.

"I told you…" Grace insists, showing some annoyance in her voice, "YOU DO NOT-"

"BITCH TELL ME!" I yell, getting furious. IF I want to know, tell me the damn information! I stand up to glare down at her, finding a sudden screech from the tires. Something happened?! The bus somehow lost it's control and rush into the forest. There was no way the driver could attempt a brake, something fried the machine into decommission. The bus flew right into a tree- killing the driver. I was protected by my fiend- the incident did not shake me up and shattered any of my bones. The girls, however, were scattered across the seats. None of them were killed… Fuck… I was hoping Grace would die.

"Mind telling me now?" I asks, folding my arms as I stood right behind the driver's seat.

"C-can't… HE'S DEAD!?" Grace exclaims. Screams from the other girls arrive as some branches just wrapped around the bus, appearing in front of the windows. I just blink at the very strange abnormal- Ah… Something demonic is happening…

"W-what the hell?!" The girls were scared. I could sense it… I just sigh and sit in my seat.


"That will be a bad move…. Even in a horror film." I remark falling to sleep… Or pretending to.

"USELESS!" she yells. She goes toward the door, trying to slide it open…. It was stuck.

"Shit…" she said. The other girls approach the front watching their leader trying to undo the door. I just acted asleep, laughing in my head. She lets out a fume, heading towards her seat and calmly stating to her 'followers', "J-just… Do something productive- help will come…" she pulls out her cell phone noticing something… No signal- how strange? Ha ha ha!

I just sat in my seat acting… you know. The girls were talking about their sudden situation, bringing up that rumor. It was gossip- untrue or true information, but I could not tell. There's a monster to eat us all? Can't be, this is a supernatural wonder at work… Not such lame 'stereotypical' darkness… A stranger planning to rape them all- yeah, he must not give a damn raping anyone of all age… No, this 'spirit' had some reason to do this-

"Shut up." I mutter to myself, hearing my beast telling me some news. He found a friend. Ugh… So what- I have none, and if I did have some, I wouldn't be telling it to you. I just shrug it off and turn myself towards the side of the window. This… is boring. I did not even look back at Grace nor the other girls for ten minutes…

Now the girls in the back are talking about their toenails and what they do… Ugh… I turn around-

"Get the hell away from me." I notice Grace's face leaning close to me. Her face was surprise, jumping back.

"You get the hell away from me-"

"So you were using me for this 'stupid' rumor…" I analyze, "Go figure…"

"S-so… You're not scared of this at all? Not even with…" she glance at her dead driver, her face growing pale and stricken in fear. I shrug.

"That's life…"

"You're horrible-"

"No, you haven't seen the reality of more terrible deaths. I seen people die from mutation from genocides- this is just child's play… Besides, it's a fucking accident, well…" I did not finish my sentence, turning my body towards the side again.

"H-heyehhahhehehehe!" one of the girls exclaim. My eyes shot open as Grace glance at her girls.

"D-did you tickle me!?" pose one of the girls. I glance over the seat. A brunette was holding a dirty blonde's feet in the aisle of the bus.

"I did not." yell the brunette. She pulls her hand away from the dirty blonde's feet only to hear a laugh erupting from the blonde's mouth. Her eyes shut tight for one second, jumping at the brunette. I blink watching the sudden action taking place. The blonde held one of the brunette's feet in an arm lock, clawing her nails all over her left soles, watching her feet twist and turn in the lock.

Oh no…. I could not feel the presence of my beast… The hell? I glance around the place feeling the dark aura- oh fuck. Another blonde yelp as her face glance at a red head. The red head seems clueless as the blonde tackles the red head. The girls were suddenly having a tickling session on the bus. Grace and I stare at each other… Then at the scene. Wait… her face was flourish.

"Crazy girls you lead." I sat on my seat noticing something entering the bus… Grace had her back turn to this. The bus door slide open for a second, closing itself. The very action was silenced though. This is a work of some abomination. Wait… this figure was invisible?

"Good job." a familiar voice whisper to me… I glance at the invisible figure that lowered itself right to me.

"T-this is so scary…" pose Grace, sitting back down as the figure seemed to slide past Grace. She was heading towards the back… I just got up and plot myself next to the scared blonde.

"I'm laughing in the inside." I admit bluntly, laughing.

"W-what- I AM NOT SCARED!" her face was pale yet a blush was seen.

"Liar." I answer sitting in utmost confidence, "I can leave you girls behind right now if I want to…"

"THEN DO SO!" she exclaims. I just give her a wicked glance. I just scoff at her remark, getting up. She grabs my wrist before I even make an attempt.

"I-I'm sorry." she apologize hastily, "I… I don't know what to do…" I sigh, rolling my eyes.

"Well… Mind saying that stupid rumor since you know what it is…" I was curious from the start any who.

"The rumor is…" she glance at me with wondering eyes, "There's a spirit tying up only females and tickling them on their soles… The males usually die from such car crashes. The incidents take place far away from any actually public areas along with any form of assistance whatsoever. I… conclude that this is not a rumor…"

"That's great…" We both heard a sudden muffled sound in the back. We glance over the seats- How are the girls tied up and… laughing? I could clearly see my beast tickling the hell out of the females as well as the 'invisible spirit' with another entity tickling the tied up girls on the seats or on the aisle.

"W-what is going on…?!" I could not help but press an urge to push Grace against the side of the bus. I grab her wrists and slam her against the side, hearing a sudden groan in pain. I could not help but form a wide smile across my face.

"So pathetic…" I mutter losing my very control, "You're all pathetic…"

"W-what are you talking about---" something gagged her. I notice my beast coming back to me. He seems to be… smiling? Are you fucking me… His dark aura wraps around her body as she seems to be… well, of course she'll be surprise and scared shitless.

"Ah…" I lean forward to give a very serious look towards her, "You seem to have fallen into some demonic activity…" She seems dumbfounded by what I said, wanting to deny such a thing. She could not because of my fiend. I could not help but laugh, pointing to her position right now.

"Then move and push me away…" I lean myself close to her body, feeling her breasts against my chest. She moans lightly in the gag, trying to. She couldn't even kick me away… My entity is such a naughty thing.

"Then… You have the proof… Besides, I can tell your right off the bat this is the works of dark forces…I work for them." My masters below would kill me since I told them about this… But one little stupid and annoying girl will not show any proof against me. "Are you afraid that you might die?" I show a knife from my TRIPP trench coat, hearing some subtle fright. I laugh, placing it away. She glares at me with such a confusing face. Why is she blushing when her face is a tad pale as well- stupid Barbie…

"Oh wait… I got a better idea." Something came into my mind… I took out a camera (note, I always have cameras in my personal). I place one of the cameras on the front counter. That camera was recording the very 'activities' the evil spirits were doing to the other girls. I place one across the seat from me and Grace. Grace was unable to comply or show any resistance to my hands as I place her upright and legs extended outwards on top of my lap and off the edge of my seat, sticking out in the aisle. (I place the camera on the front a bit higher than usually so it wouldn't record the personal tickling I will give Grace).

She giggle under her gag. She was blushing madly… Was she liking this- nah, couldn't be.

"I will blackmail you with this." I proclaim, hearing a shocked scream under her gag, "Just… to ensure you keep your followers and yourself from saying anything of today's event…" I glance at her flailing flip flop feet as I could see the shadowy aura of my beast tickling her soles… I stop and glare at my beast- did he just persuade me to do something I had… Whatever, this will keep her mouth silent though…

I toss her flip flops off her feet glancing at her seven size soles. I know how to do this, stupid beast…. Don't lecture me on how. Even if I go against this method, I know how to do it- shut up and tickle some other area- her feet are mine! I did not even show any hesitation as I drag my dark color nails down her sole. Her toes curl up and her feet begins to flail around wildly. I give a satisfied smirk, taking my index finger and stroking her very smooth seven soles right in the middle. When her feet curl up in such a desperate attempt, wrinkles showed across her feet making my finger scratch at them. She can't even make up her mind… Her toes would uncurl when I scratch at the very middle of her feet- I'm using one hand woman! She's giggling… Or laughing- which was it? Shut up beast- what do you mean your friend wants it on this?!

"Can't even make Grace scream yet Night?" pose the same familiar voice. I glance at the figure above the seat as well as Grace- she heard it this time. "Wait…I know you-"

"Vice versa." said the female revealing herself. It was the female who talked against Grace- Eve.

"MPPPHMMHAAHH!" scream Grace, trying to get out of the bonds. I glare at Eve in no surprise whatsoever… IT was obvious to me. She would fool around and play around with whomever she wants…

"Like you can-"

"I can." Eve corrected me, "But more however… I think you get the other girls back there since you're a… noob… at this."

"Are you trying to say I can't do what you do?" I ask, scoffing at this silly competition- Shut up fiend.

"Yeah, I am." she said, "Besides… How about I get Grace here all… warmed up to you- she'll be begging when you get to tickle her… I'll just… cozy her up for you." I glance at Eve with doubt. She just want to tickle her just because…

"Whatever." I said, lifting Grace's slender legs, "You go at her… I'll start with the girls back there."

"Perfect." Eve said, hoping onto the seat I left. I found myself in the- am I invisible? I glare at Eve, hearing some slight giggles. 'Best you keep yourself hidden- these girls can scream if  you tickle the right places… besides, they can't even prepare for your onslaught.' Eve said telepathically.

I just roll my eyes and sat in front of the red head girl right there in the aisle. These girls had the same bonds- somewhat. I glance at their bondage position, and it varies- the hell with the strange set ups… Whatever…

The red head girl was Autumn. She was a junior. Her long red hair ran down her back as well as front, having no hair covering her forehead as her pale skin shine in the dim darkness. I could see the little bonds on her feet. Her upper body and her hands were tied thoroughly as her legs were stretched in front of her. Her ankles were tied along with all of her dark painted toes. The ropes coiled around her toes were pulled back to the rope holding her ankles together. This was to keep her toes from curling up, but the insteps were inaccessible though. I sat on Autumn's ankles, hearing a surprise gasp. She tries to scoot away, unable to by my weight. I took the chance to test her toes- laughing erupting out of the girl's muffled mouth. Oh… she's ticklish here- and they're soft…

I tease her toes again, feeling the pampered feet- or particularly the toes. They wanted to curl up or move around, you could see the desperation as they were jerking underneath my body. She begins to scream as my fingers dance on the very pads of her toes. Her toes were at my mercy as I just tickle them in the rapid pace. Her body lied against the ground, trying to ease the sensation. Her feet were quivering and moving lightly as the bond held her in place. My fiend appears right in front of the tied soles. His 'hands' touch the parts of her soles that I was not tickling (basically, everywhere but the toes). Her body violently thrash upwards, making me feel a slight rub down there- or a hit than a rub… My eyes twitch at the action. I hate it when someone 'hits' that area. I stab my nails deep into her soft cushion toes, watching her head explode. Laughter (reaching above the point where you can hear it even if there's a gag on) reaching throughout the bus as her body was losing it… I stop, getting up and going to my next sorry victim. My beast… decides to take over hearing Autumn's laughter in the background still. He had his shadowy form around her ankles as well as his dark form surrounding her soles. I notice her feet lie motionless, not even a slight quiver or motion could be made. Autumn was viciously shaking her body, but her feet stayed still- my beast is such a nasty being…

I glance at the next girl- watching Autumn laugh wildly. She bit her lower lip, curling her toes in the tension of this eerie activity. She was gagged as well as her brunette hair was tied in a ponytail similar to Taki from Soul Caliber. She had dark eyes and fair tan skin. She was seated and taped down on the chair. Her lower body was hovering over her body though as her ankles were taped firmly to the row of seats in front of her. Her feet were position between the chairs, the dark duct tape holding her ankles in place. She can somewhat twist and turn them. I stood over the girl (Her name, I think, was Eli), glancing at her face. She was… somewhat scared, her face showing fear. I just shrug off any 'sympathy' and kneel on the seats holding her feet outwards. Eve is… creative.

I glance at the six size soles. They couldn't move much even if she tried. Eve taped her big toes to the edge of one of the seats. She can curl her toes, but her flailing and any movement was halted. I just glance over my shoulder hearing the muffled laughter from Grace… Wonder what is going on… Whatever.

I took my index fingers, slightly rolling down the stretched out soles. Her toes curl automatically although they couldn't budge. You can see Eli's attempt, the tape was making some slight sounds as well as wrinkles. She was shaking her head, whimpering. I was going quite easy, and I couldn't help but tease her on with such cruel tactics. I drag my nail purposely over the middle of her sole, tracing circles in a clockwise motion. Her toes crutch up, wrinkles forming all over her sole. I tease them as well, watching them unfold and fold, the tape doing it's work on keeping any rash resistance to it's hold. I wasn't actually driving my nail deep into her soles- oh no, I was deliberately tickling her skin so lightly… Eli was laughing. Laughing madly as the seats shook violently from her attempt to get out. Her eyes were watering up as her feet was twitching, unable to control it's actually motion. Her toes would curl up, then wiggle around uncontrollably. I couldn't help but send a quick tickle pinch to her taped big toe. She jerked, and shook her head…

My fiend decides to extend a part of himself to tickle the very middle of her left sole, watching Eli explode into a fit. I let my fiend tickle hr as well… I walk around the aisle to stare at one of the preppy girls- Whitney.

She has long purple hair, and strangely, she's a punk girl. By punk girl, I mean one of those girls that wears skater or similar close rock, heavy outfits. She doesn't even fit the role of a friend or cheerleader to Grace… However, she is hangs with them… She- wait… she's not gagged nor was she tickled. How do I know- the flip flops are still on her. I did not appear in front of her, but I glance at her position. Eve chained her up.

Her front was against the back of one of the seats. Her head was resting of the top of the chair as her body was angled in a 90 degrees or a L shape. Her legs were wrapped in a lot of chains as her soles were resting on a make shift 'special' stool. Eve had this? Why would she…

"Stop staring at me boy." she sad irritated, "I KNOW you're there…" I stood beside her and asks her, "You knew I was here?"

"I know your presence…" I glance at the female- wait… how did she…I glance at her eyes, feeling the invisibility wearing away. Her slim face and glaring eyes stare right at me showing no hatred, but a serious look that did not seem to break into shock or confusion… How did she know…?

"Who are you?" I ask- better yet… I never knew Whitney.

"I will not say." she answers, turning her head slightly.

"Do I have to use the method I subjected your-"

"Yes." Whitney did not even doubt herself, "I dare you to… You can't make me laugh…"

"Oh… I can." I said in the utmost confidence. She gives me a smirk, "Try to." I was not confuse and I did not even start. I glance at her, shaking my head.

"You're…" Eve came up behind Whitney. Something happened as the sound of wood clattered against each other. Whitney tried to turn her head to Eve.

"You bi-" A gag muffled Whitney by some shadowy form appearing right above her.

"Oh… I'm sorry about tossing your flip flops out the window… Along with positioning your feet in such a helpless form- hey, help me out." she was talking to me. We both sit beside the immobilized Whitney as I stare at her huge 12 size feet! The stool… utterly changed. For one, it position itself beside the arm rests on the side of the seat. Secondly, the box formed around her feet in a way it wouldn't move… And lastly, her toes were secured in a lot of chains and complex strands shooting in all directions as it touch the top of the bus to the ground.

"If you did not notice…" Eve started giving me a 'warm', but 'deadly' friendly conversation, "She's an agent of God…" I glance at the tied Whitney- kind of figured she was… I could not find any data on her when I was searching through the various records- she stood out the most though.

"As devils, we should kill her." I took out my knife. I stood behind her, positioning the knife over her head. Eve stopped me by sending a small dark purple shot at my knife. I glare at the woman as she was furious at my motives.

"W-what the hell are you doing!?" she exclaims, losing her cool.

"I don't give a damn about your lust- she's an enemy." I yell. It's one thing to do whatever to a mortal, but when it's another story with an agent of the Gods- we have one law. Kill them- do not befriend or touch them…

"I will not let you kill MY PREY." she ordered, getting up, "I WILL, LET ME JUST HAVE FUN!"

"Your death wish." I scoff, "I'll be heading up front…"

"You have no interest in gaining information though… She has information on OTHER AGENTS YOU COULD KILL…" Those words echo deep into my head. Hell, I hate doing dirty things… But when it comes to killing someone… I have a damn fun time! I turn to Eve and smiled.

"Oh?" Whitney was making a ruckus. I sat myself beside her tied up self. I was seated on her left as Eve sat on the right- next to the window. "I'm assuming we're tickling the hell out of her…" Eve was prepared and pulled out various tools… And demonic ones as well…

"Hell yeah…" I could not help but shake my head, "I wonder what you do to the guys-"

"I tickle their dicks till they cum- want me to show you-"

"Fucking whore- don't you dare touch my dick." I ordered glaring at her.

"Jeez, jeez, whatever fuck-o." We both grabbed out instruments and start. First, we need to make her ticklish. One thing for sure, agents are given special treats and abilities to protect themselves. Of course, Whitney had some ability to protect her from any… well, you know, sense to the tickling… But surprisingly, Eve was prepared. We spread some funny pink liquid all over her soles. I glance at her face, watching some resistance… Or slight blushes appear. She seems to be… excited, showing some likingness- oh… Eve's massaging her soles.

The liquid was a certain demonic essence (don't know what in particular) to undo any protection spells an agent of God would place themselves with. I did not tickle her, holding the dark feather in my hand. I glance at the bonds all around her feet… They were holding her still.

"PLEASE!" she exclaims, the gag falling off somehow, "D-don't tickle me!"

"Good… I can hear you beg now!" Eve rakes Whitney's soles viciously, hearing the screaming purple hair girl. Her feet tried to defend themselves, but nothing.

"OHAHAH G GDHOODHGHHGHADHAHAHAHA H  AHHA AHA!" I glance at Eve, stopping her by grabbing her hand. Her eyes fix on me, wanting to kill me for halting her fun.

"Are you sure she knows any other members?" there was utter silence.

"I am sure…"

"I'll kill you if you're wrong-"

"She is wrong-" Whitney bluntly states but I tickle her arches to shut her up, "Okay you little fucking slutty angel… Tell us the information… OR ELSE!"

"Tickle, tickle, tickle~!" coo Eve. Whitney was laughing madly, her body unable to show the mere quivers. I have to give credit to Eve- she knew what she was doing… In tying people to the utmost restrictions, that is. Wow… her soles are a tad rough, but it has this feeling that I would want to just… make these soles utterly wet…

I took the feather and slide it between her toes. Her reaction was priceless as her body jerks against the seat. Her pleas were dying into laughter as Eve was using metal nails now, sending her covered fingers down her soles. Whitney was already laughing as well as tearing up like this was the worst day for her  (could be). I took the chance to switch the items on her, using a powdered brush… What was worse, I did not heed the white powder on the very tips of the brush. Whitney unleash a dreaded scream, laughter mixed in, pleading me to scratch her feet…

"You use the itching powder- nice… Don't itch it, put more on there.. Better yet…" Eve place water on the left sole, telling me to go on, "This will stick to her…" She giggles at her… pun? Ugh, lame.

I place the powder all over the wet sole- watching the white itching powder cling to her sole. Ah… I see what she was doing… Eve stops her tickling and drizzle a few itching powder on the giant sole she was tickling. Whitney was screaming and begging at the top of her lungs. Eve ordered me to stop in her loud commission, hearing Whitney groan and hiss in such stress.

"F-fuck you! FUCK YOU DEMONS!"

"Aw, and we were going to scratch your soles…" she glance at me. I blink at her, and I could easily guess what she wanted me to do. I tease her powdered soles by itching, not very hard, but lightly, against her left sole. I stopped, hearing a crying Whitney.

"PLEASE!" she begs.

"It's unbearable huh?" pose Eve, "Tell my good man here… The other agents…" Whitney glance at me with a somber face, shaking her head through all the sensations she cannot bear.


"No scratching for you then…" Eve just tease her soles even more. Doing the same tactic I did, she only scratch her feet very lightly. Her soles were quivering desperately. She curse madly at us as the bonds held her still. Eve was enjoying this… I was a bit annoyed of the situation…

"What a bitch." I said in bitter impatience and distaste, "I'll just…" I did not finish my sentence as I took a jar underneath a seat. I notice the words ITCHING POWDER. I undid the jar… And dump all of the powder all over her soles. A bewildered Whitney shook the bus.

"I think you should go have fun with Grace- she's dying for a good torment… Better yet, you'll be invisible… I'll just tease the hell out of Whitney till she talks… Or screams for you to get her…" I nod at the idea- this was getting boring anyhow- waiting for Whitney to give us permission to itch her soles. She was cursing as I left the two. I arrive in front of the bus staring at a totally tied up Grace. Her body was taped against the seat and the side of the bus. Her eyes were glancing around the bus. Her soles were sticking out showing her painted toe nails as her two big toes were duct taped together. I could not help but give a wide grin across my face. I wanted to torture Grace ever since elementary.

Ah yes, she was an annoying prep back then too… I have no idea if she liked me back then, but I don't give a damn. I'm doing this for revenge. I lower myself down to her soles sticking at the edge of the seat on the arm rest. I blow on her feet, watching her reaction. They were sensitive, they twitch and jerk at the air. Her eyes close a bit, her eyes still open, but her body seems motionless with such duct tape. I did it for another good minute. Her blow on some parts of her feet, assuming what to do… Her heels were a sweet spot, her toes just flex outwards even more as her arches were alright. Well, let's get started… Where's my fiend- oh, he's having fun with Eli and Autumn. I just start the tickling, stroking casually and slow motions up and down her soles. Her feet jerk against the tape, unable to actually move away from my fingers, hearing the giggles. Hmm, liar… She said her feet weren't ticklish back then either… Stupid girl.

I decide to test out her feet even more. I tease the very insteps, watching her toes curling up, her giggling turning into some moderate laughs. Alright… I sweep my finger over her arches, watching her feet jump up in their bonded position… I took the chance to drag my nail across her smooth soft skin right into the middle, deliberately using my nail to pierce into her sensitivity. Her head bangs against the window behind her head, laughing. I blow some air to her toes, watching them curl down once again as they uncurl… So she defends her toes when they're assaulted… I wonder…

I took my hands and place them on her heels. She quivers at the motion, having her toes curl down. I place my face in a good length of her toes, scratching with just my index fingers. Her toes squirm around carelessly even if her two big toes were tied up. I send a breathe of air to her toes as they wiggle around freely. She immediately place them in a curl position, yet they were shaking in such a form. I continue blowing on her toes as my fingers only increase their speed and numbers as they tickle her very perplex and stuck heels. Her face was getting red. She was laughing madly as she found this tactic getting to her, shaking her head, begging at the least underneath the gag.

"Aw, couchie coo." I accidentally say. She glares at where I stand, screaming furiously, blushing madly. Oops… My invisibility goes away as I glare at Eve- waving at me.

"Surprise?" I said sarcastically, clawing my hands on her heels. She jumped  restlessly struggles in her taped bonds. She was cursing- she really hates me for this? Oh well…

"Ha ha, so much lies you said in the past. 'My feet isn't ticklish.' or 'You can't make me laugh…' and this one I like the most… 'The emo kid over there can't make me laugh for squat!'" Her eyes fixed on me, surprise that I recall such memories.

"Well, now you know that I can make you laugh… Or make you all weak! Better yet, I want to make you wet yourself!" Her face flourish in a darken red, trying to reason with me. "I better start using some items then…" I left her for a moment, going to Eve. She seems to read my motives, giving me a box.

"Go and have your fun before we torture this agent… She'll break soon enough… And in the meanwhile…" Before I head back front, I watch Eve turn invisible and go in front of the tied Whitney, still screaming. Moans erupt from her mouth, still screaming madly. Wait… There are more than four girls- how is… Oh, Eve's little fiend is tickling the other eight girls? Seven- ah who cares… I stop midway on the bus, cursing. I glare at my fiend an kick him as he tickles Autumn.

"Bastardly lustful creature." I comment, arriving before Grace. Her face was still red. I raise my eyebrow in confusion- why the hell is she acting all strange? It's always around me… What the hell? Most of the guys or girls she hangs out with, she never blush around them. When she embarrass herself, she never blush at such stupidity… When I come into her view, talk to her, make a defensive insult, or even near her, she's blushing…

"Why the hell are you blushing?" I ask, lying the tools down underneath her soles, "I'm always questioning such ideas you have in that silly head of yours…" she turns her head away, closing her eyes and ignores me…

"I see…" I left her side and approach her soles again. I open the box and grab out two really fluffy feathers. I purposely sat in front of her glance so she could not see the tools. She curl her toes, wiggling her feet in whatever way she could in her current position. I took the two fluffy feathers and ran them through her toes, forcing them to leave a gap for me to do that. I pry her toes away, making the deadly tool lay it's effect. Grace was laughing, trying to defend herself. I glance at the box noticing some small metal rings. I did not give any hint to my motives as I stop. I place lotion all over her feet though, watching her soles relax from the tickling, spreading and easily showing such eased feet. Her moans came against her gag, hearing it slightly behind my back. I massage her soles, using one hand to massage her toes, right at her insteps, placing the cuffs quickly underneath her toes. She did not notice, not even curling as I give a good massage to her- this is the first time I'm massaging someone… I just shrug off the slight note, having my hand work on her right foot, cuffing each toe quickly and secretly. I stop, having some tape from the box and taping the ends of the cuff strands to a point where her toes could not squirm, wiggle, or curl in defense. She did not even move her feet after the massage I give for a good five minutes. I glance over my shoulder, seeing her blush face.

Whatever. Ignorance is bliss. I took out two items from the box. I had an electric flosser and an electric toothbrush. The two items turn on, scaring Grace. I use the two items on her toes, watching them squirm in a sudden surprise. What was worse (for her) was her toes all tied up. She tries to jerk them down, attempting the need to curl in such defense, but her feet were unable to, her toes targeted in such vulnerability. Of course… I'm not gonna stop just because of this, or her suddenly screaming and cursing self behind me. She was jerking around, just tiring herself out. Her feet were at my mercy like all the others… Although I wanted to really get her mad. Eh, I don't care if she place a lawsuit on me… I place a good amount of brushes, electric ones across both her feet, placing three of them around her heels. Her feet were shaking as her toes were not tickled. I took the chance to lower my face and give them a good sniff… Wow, she did pamper them, even if she wears flip-flops a lot.. And they're not smelly either. Wow. I won't understand girl's necessities but…My hands held two flossers, teasing the very space of her toes but her entire body jerk and the laughs went to the highest pitch I ever heard before. I did not turn around as I started to lick her toes… Or, at the moment, have my tongue at the very pad of her big toe. Hmm….

I lick my her two big toes, placing them in my mouth. It engulf them in my mouth, swirling my tongue with saliva all around them, chewing on them, and kissing them. Her soles were… tasty. I couldn't help myself when I actually taste her toes, chewing them out a bit too much. Her laughs were getting hoarse, pounding her restrained self against the side of the bus.

"Wow…" I slightly said to myself, licking the rest of her toes. The cuff was still around them, making my mouth or tongue does not touch the metal contraption- I hate the taste of metal. I took the chance to playfully nibble each pad of her tied toes, hearing a sudden tear. I glance behind me, staring at Grace with one arm out of the tape. She rips the gag off of her mouth, laughter erupting the entire bus in such volume.

"SOTAPHAAHAHA AHA APSHT HAAHAH AHAH PSELAEHHHHAHAHAHA AH AH A HAHAHAH!" I was able to move myself far away from her hand, sitting right in front of her soles. She could not reach her own soles or have any strength to get her other arm free, laughing madly. I glance at her, saying, "Are you going to wet yourself?"

"NOAHAHAHHA AHA A A HAHAHAHAH!" I just sigh and increase the torment. I took some strange demonic looking spheres… I'm not suppose to use these on mere mortals… but I don't care. I place the ball between her toes, watching the ball come to laugh and turn into small round face creatures. They have two eyes and a mouth. Their dark sphere form stayed at the spot, but they turn their heads downwards to the spot, chewing the space between her toes. Grace let out an ear piercing sound, Eve screaming, "DAMN IT! GAG HER!"

"Nope." I respond, placing more and more between her toes. When that was done, you could see the very broken noble, and well known cheerleader looking like a mess. I could not help but laugh at such a presence. I press on, ignoring her pleas though. I took the chance to chew the very pads of her two big toes. I did not stop, nor listen to anyone at the moment… I had this going for three good minutes till she screams, "AHAH AHHHHHHHHHHOAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA FOUFKCCCKFUFKCHAHAHAHAH!" A little sound gush where she was sitting. I could not see what had happen due to the thick amount of tape, but I could guess what happen. Her face was utterly wet, red, and tired. I sigh, shaking my head., taking off the items. Her laughter died- she fell unconscious… Aw, I was going to get again after my interrogation with Whitney-oh well…

"FUCK! I'LL TALK! I'LL TALK!" cries Whitney. I ran back to where Eve and Whitney were, "JUST SCRATCH MY SOLES-PLEASE!" she begs. I glance at Eve. Both of us viciously scratch her immobilized soles. Our nails dragged against her skin, we thought we could tear a piece off (but that was what it felt like). We itch it for a good thirty minutes, surprisingly staring at the very tired, exhausted, and sweating Whitney along with the other girls… Most of them pass out except Eli and Autumn- my fiend can do this for as long as he wants, making them stay awake as well as making them cum out many times. Whitney, however, came as well as some liquid slide down her bare thighs. Her feet were quivering madly in the locked up position, her face utterly broken. Her eyes glance at me with sorrow.

"D-do you really… Don't you have a heart?!"

"I don't." I reply coldly and swiftly, "Tell me… OR ELSE I'll personally keep you and have my fiend tickle you till no tomorrow along with myself…" She glance at the two of us. She begins to cry, soberly, and desperately. Eve and I know the consequence of ratting members out of one's team and having them killed. They will be subjugated to the worse torment and life ever… I can understand Whitney's predicament- doesn't mean I can give her sympathy. Eve was frowning though… This woman always gives sympathy to females.

"Maybe we can let this one slide…" Eve said to me.

"No, you started this, I'm making sure this will end in a good or bad way… I don't care- the information now." I coldly state. I glare at Whitney even if she was crying…

"I'm taking her personally as my tickle slave now." I order, "You will not deny this Eve- you said about information being useful and I will keep your word to it; however, she is being reluctant and I will personally give her the torment till she gives me the answer…" Whitney's face was dumbfounded, speechless, and blabbered… She just cries to herself though…

"Come on- we can…"

"EVE." I yell, "You started this mess… You told me about the worthwhileness… And now you're going to let me walk away with her and keep her. Along with that, delete everything of her life as well."

"You can't-"

"OH I CAN!" I yell furious at the two of them, "Tickling… Jeez, you fucking bitches really need to give me something more than that. Fiend, we are leaving- stop tickling them NOW!" the creature stop and knocks the two girls out.

"You do something about this Eve… Your plan, after all." Eve was bitter, her face glaring at me in distaste. I said nothing as I knock Whitney out and carry her over my shoulder. I shot the bus door open and glance around the forest… "I'm taking your little trick too." I said, turning invisibly. What a stupid day… Really stupid.
A commission for :iconticklelover163:

He asks for a tickling scenario where girls on the bus would get tickled by some invisible person. Well, I sort of did that, but I added some funky twists and turns... Or more devious than funky.

My OC--> Night (Haven't drawn yet) is an agent of Satan on Earth. He narrates the story through his point of view and well, you see what he does to the poor girls that falls victim to this strange incident. Well, you'll see what I mean if your read this.
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