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Audrey sighs at the build of her army. The multiple fractions were joining her cause as well as the number of units increasing every day. Technology, however, was being unleashed throughout the world. Audrey glance at the strange heavily armed weaponry. One of them was a giant robot looking machine. It seems like a buff piece of armor that some wide person could fit in… But it wasn't. This was a Heavy. Heavies are machines that are AI (artificial intelligence) and can be programmed to unleash a good volley of missiles to a designated area They are really useful on the field…Yet the necessary equipment was really… hard to get the materials to make it. The machines are easy to produce. The armor is expensive and in high demand if Audrey needs to buy the materials if she cannot find them out in the environment.

Her long amber hair stood in the shine, glowing a red shine as she sighs to herself. She was 5'7, weighting around 120. Her red eyes glance at the people of her settlement, staring high above her palace. She walks out of her room, heading down the stairs to enter the grand hallway. Her 10 size soles click her wooden sandals as her white socks covers her feet. The dark kimono covers her body as she pace herself in moderate stride. Her pale skin could be seen in the darkness as her breasts bounce a bit when she walks- even though they were Cs… (And they were growing to Ds soon, Audrey hopes).

She needs to find some sort of… mechanic. From what Crimson stated, and from the fellow inventors, a mechanic can actually help make those broken Heavies back into operation… Although they could fix some other stuff as well. Audrey sat on the throne, sighing. She did not want to move around the place and recruit mechanics… She could send one of her generals or trusted companions to do that. Before Audrey could call for one of them, a sudden armored knight appears before Audrey.

"Milady…" he bows slightly

"Speak knight." Audrey order, placing a hand on her right cheek, waiting for the sudden news.

"We found… eh… a mechanic. She heard about your… enlistment, or whatever you send out." Audrey raise an eyebrow. Someone actually pay attention to her random scouts screaming her messages… Wow, she ought to place more messages through those random screaming scouts…

"Let her in." Audrey declares, waving her hand for the knight to fetch the stranger. Audrey blinks at the sight of this female. She bears pale skin like a vampire. Her ears were pointy- an elf? Audrey stares at the mechanic. She is a female, her breasts were around… Cs… Ds…? Hmm… What pretty eyes…

"Her name is Sonya Helix-" the knight said. He was interrupted by Mrs. Helix, "Or you can call me Ghost instead of Sonya… preferably I like to be called Ghost though." The knight was going to say something till Audrey pop off of her throne.

"I see…" Audrey walks down the steps, dismissing the knight back to his usually duties.  "Have I seen you before?" She was bearing a collar around her neck. You could see her collar bone and cleavage. She was wearing some sort of sweater that dawns blue and black stripes from her shoulder down to her wrists. Her hands were covered in some dark fingerless gloves bearing some small gray circles at her knuckles. On her sweater, the words 'Built to Last' is displayed on the very center of her sweater aligned with her breasts. She bears a black belt with a square gray belt emblem as her pants… were sort of strange. She has dark blue pants, but four straps were holding the lower part of the pants to the other part of the pants as zippers were found on the upper pants and lower pants. She dawns some sneakers with dark laces. Her jet black hair shines in the dark as Audrey tilts her head. Is she of this period?

"No," she answers, "I just happen to hear the news of a mechanic for hire… Is it still open?" Audrey blinks and smiles at the female. She seems to be… A young adult? Audrey leads the way as the two walk past the various guards and people of the palace. They were walking down the side hallway, leaving the great hallway the two met in. The guards snap into attention as Audrey went by them.  

"How old are you?" Audrey asks, not paying attention to the group of people passing by them. Ghost glance around the place, turning her head to Audrey.

"24. And how old are you…?"

"It's Audrey," she answers, "And… I'm 20..." Ghost raise an eyebrow at the statement, glancing right into Audrey's eyes with her blue eyes. "20? And you're the ruler of this settlement?"

"What?" Audrey seems a bit offended as Ghost seems awestruck, "Are you telling me you never heard of me?"

"What? You're suppose to be someone famous?" Audrey did not answer, laughing nervously, "P-perhaps…" The two were stopped by a giant red creature. It resemble the same skin to a lobster or crab, but the skin was more of an armor plating. The creature's head extend outwards towards Ghost, sniffing her as his mouth begins to play around with it's monstrous looking like pincers similar to a spider's mouth. It glance at me, then at Ghost. "She's new…?"

"Swi'zick, apologize to-" Audrey was cut off by the hollow pitch male creature. "She's an elf…"

Audrey glance at Ghost, noticing the sharp ears once again. That explains the pointy ears. "She smells funny…" The Wrecker walks away from the two girls as Ghost raise a questionable face. "E-excuse my companion… He likes meeting new people… up close and personal…"

"Surprise?" she asks, "I am an elf- thought you would assume from my ears."

"Ah… What type of elf are you?" Audrey asks. Ghost glance at Audrey, folding her arms.


"A White Elf?" Audrey thought- I mean… her skin was really white, and obviously they were easy to pick out… Eh, okay, no more further explanation. Ghost nod her head, "I was going to punch you if you guessed it wrong… Hybrid."

"You can tell?" Audrey was stun to hear Ghost's words. This mechanic knew she was a hybrid?

"It's obvious- the eyes… and the energy around you… It's hazy with blood." Ghost was really observant.

"You impress me Ghost." Audrey said, leading the way outside to a building.

"So what's the thing that needs to get fixed?" Ghost ask showing her tool box.
"Ah yes… Here it is." Audrey took her into the huge storage building holding most of the non-commission weaponry and vehicles. She seems a bit shocked at the technology, but she seems pumped up, rolling her shoulders heading towards one of the tattered Heavies.

"Do you have any other mechanics…?" Ghost asks glancing around the area. The building was deserted as light entered the windows from the top side of the building.

"Not at the moment- you're the first." Audrey states, watching Ghost open her red box of tools, "You like doing this?" Audrey could never see herself touching this stuff… Well, only when it comes down to extreme measures. She despise technology.

"Yeah," she said with an amuse tone, "I work at a specialized garage- I might make it a career for most of my life actually. I can do repairs on things and do custom paintjobs. I can also build some custom motor parts as well…" she was staring into the Heavy, undoing one of the plating to stare at it's wiring. She pulls out a cutter, snapping and reattaching some wires to the small holes of the machine…

"I'll get some troopers to help you out… and you will be paid." Audrey leaves Ghost to do her work as Audrey place five soldiers under Ghost's command -mostly to fetch and help assist in repairing things. Audrey went back to her own work, writing a lot of papers to the people, doing daily events through her own settlement, and finally, sending troops to take care of the nearby nuisances and problems. She sighs at the tiring day as lunchtime hits. Audrey checks up on Ghost, staring at most of the Heavies that were broken in full operation. They were moving around in the garage, helping Ghost move some of the heavier vehicles into Ghost's arm reach.

"Dang," Audrey said out loud, "It's lunch break guys- you can stop." the troopers nod and left Ghost and Audrey in the same room. Ghost plot herself on one of the tables, having close eyes and making sudden motions across her body.

"Jeez… this is tiring…" Audrey notice her hand trying to rub her own back.

"Oh… I should go hire some more mechanics or get more-"

"No, milady," Ghost had to address Audrey in such formalities, since she is working under her as well as knowing a tad more about the hybrid elf human through the five soldiers, "But… It's…" she tries to rub her back, but it was a bothersome since she's trying to do it herself. Ghost asks Audrey, "Can you massage me?" Her tone was irritated as she tries to reach her back once more, growling a bit. Audrey blinks at the request and blush slightly.

"E-excuse me…" Audrey gave Ghost a puzzled face.

"Can you give me a massage…" Ghost asks again, "My back along with some other parts of my body are killing me!" she seems a bit strained but lax at the same time. Audrey shrugs at her own doubt, sitting behind Ghost. She begins to massage her back feeling the knots. What was she doing when she was repairing her machines!? Ghost's back was really rough, but Audrey just massage them neither the less.

"Jeez… Do you get tense when working…?" Audrey asks, hearing some slight moans from Ghost.

"A bit…" Ghost said, her eyes close shut, enjoying the massage, "A bit to the right please…"  Audrey was rubbing her fingers against her back, blushing. She's touching another pretty girl… Oh god- Crimson or Xillian would kill her- whatever…. She can't help it. Audrey continues the massage, hearing Ghost moan softly at Audrey's hands at work. She found herself jerking outwards, her body thrusting forward when Audrey hit a sensitive area where most of the pain came from. She relaxed afterwards, blushing slightly. "Do you massage people? Or is this the first time…?" Audrey thought about it… This was…her first time actually.

"Yeah…" Audrey answer, itching her head, "I know… I-"

"You're good at it." Ghost comment, "Mind if you can massage some other part of my body…" Audrey question which area…

"Like… Where?" Audrey place it in a cautious way. She can't be tempted… not by her-

"My feet." she answers, moving her covered feet in a way that grabs Audrey's gaze. Oh damn it. Audrey blush heavily, turning away.

"I-I possibly can't."

"Why not?" Ghost asks, "Are you scared of my feet?"

"No! Not even close-" Audrey clasp her mouth. Ghost's eyes twinkles in Audrey's little secret. She gives a nasty smile that Audrey could tell she… was amused with. Ghost scoots a bit closer to Audrey, using her index finger to swirl around Audrey's upper thigh.

"Oh… So you like feet… Tell me, are you a lesbian?" Audrey's face was flourished.

"I-I think I should go now…" Before Audrey could leave, Ghost grabs Audrey's wrist, pulling Audrey close to her body. The two could feel their breasts touching one another as Ghost held onto Audrey's chin. Audrey was getting teased- and she was the one who does this usually!! Audrey did not pull away, feeling her body oozing at Ghost's trance on her. Audrey could not help but tremble at the sight of her beautiful face as well as her touch…

"Oh…? You are? I could see it in your personality…"

"You're lying." Audrey scoffs, trying to deny the truth, "I am not-"

"She's a lesbian." answer a familiar voice to Audrey. Ghost and Audrey turn their heads towards the figure on their right. It was Shadow. She stood with folded arms and white hair. Her face was covered in bandages dawning that strange nightmarish armor. She was leaning against pole, chuckling.

"With another girl… Aren't you my dear?" Shadow states.

"And you are…?" Ghost pose, blinking in her curiosity.

"She's-" Audrey was cut off by Shadow.

"I am her wife." Shadow bluntly declares. Audrey glares at Shadow's comment as Ghost giggles and confirms her prediction of Audrey.

"Stop saying that Shadow!"  Audrey yells, losing her cool.

Shadow just scoffs, "But… I think I should watch…"

"W-watch what…?" Ghost slides her feet out of her sneakers bearing her white socks. Audrey found herself being seated on a chair as Ghost sat on the table placing her legs outward to show her white sock feet at the edge of the table close to Audrey's glance.… Her mind was trying to leave the scene… Her body wanted to massage them. Her soles were around 8- smaller than Audrey's feet.

"Please milady…" Ghost begs in such a tone that made Audrey twitch… she couldn't resist such a request from a girl, "I hate having sore body parts… I would want you to massage them… Pretty please Ms. Audrey…" She deliberately leave pauses in her plea, plucking at Audrey's lust.

"Y-you sure…?" Audrey asks, glancing at Ghost, staring above her sock feet, "YOU REALLY SURE?"

"Wha- yeah- YES, I am sure about it. You have my permission to touch my feet…" Audrey glance at Shadow with a devious smile across her face. Shadow shakes her head. Audrey starts this off with what Ghost wants… and she was warned.

Socks on or off, it doesn't matter… Audrey took the chance to grab her soles with her hands, using her thumbs to rub the middle of her soles. She found some knots in them, pressing harder, not like she was going to break some bone in Ghost's feet, just enough pressure to undo the tension. Ghost was already moaning and blushing, enjoying the massage. She hugs herself, trying to control her moans. Audrey move her hands right at her insteps, massaging the very area as well as each toe. She seems to enjoy the feeling, placing her hands behind her, moaning without any need to hide it.

"Someone really likes my treatment." Audrey tease, having her hands massage her heels now, hearing the 'yes' whispering out of Ghost's mouth. Shadow just stood there, watching.

"Take off my socks." Ghost states, "They're a nuisance right now… Oh, if they smell, sorry about that…" Audrey nod at the command, slowly taking her socks off. Her soles did not smell stinky, but no aroma was coming off of them. Wow, they're pretty pale, some shade of pink could be seen as Audrey tugs at the sug revealing each part of her feet. When Audrey pulls her socks off, she was mesmerize at the flawless feet. She wanted to do so much things to these soles, almost taking the chance to do it. She controls herself though, massaging her soles, her 8 size soles… What's with the blue skulls on her big toes… Hmm, it's kind of scary and… cute. Audrey found her hands feeling around Ghost's 8 size soles, rubbing the silky smooth and pampered feet. Audrey did not want to take her hands off her soles… Loving the feeling of her skin against her own hands… She just press at the certain joints, fulfilling Ghost's wants. Before Audrey could do anything with her plans… Ghost pulled out a dark feather from her back.

"Well… I know you have some other interest with them, no? You keep on having that look that some people have…when they stare at my feet." Audrey was surprise at the comment. Audrey did not want to reveal it, folding her arm, feeling a surge of heat hitting her face.

"W-what are you talking about-"Audrey said in hesitation.

"Saying it like that- stuttering the words before they leave your mouth makes you a prime suspect of such…" Shadow analysis and states out loud, "You can't even lie nor keep your own dirty fetishes in you." Ghost glance at Shadow, giggling as she motion her left hand over her lips, turning back to Audrey.

"I want you to make me laugh." She deliberately place the feather in front of her soles, close to her heels, placing her hands behind her. Shadow and Audrey were utterly… confuse. Never in their lives (even if this is being told by Audrey's 3rd person point of view, knowing Shadow's life in some manner of this moment) had the two girls met someone who wanted to get… tickled.

"E-excuse me?" Audrey had trouble saying her words, choking on the correct motives Ghost wants her to do.

"Make… me… laugh." Ghost said. She place her arms behind her, holding onto the edge of the table as her eyes fixed right on Audrey. Her hair lean towards the left side of her face, covering her eye, but her right eye stares right at Audrey, having a glance that entrance Audrey to stare into her expression. There was a slight blemish of pink as she posed cutely… OH GOD. Audrey felt like she was being teased to the max.

"You really are a tease…" Audrey address, showing some rope below the table. Ghost was blinking in astonishment. Shadow was behind Ghost, tying her arm up behind her. "You were warned…"

"Warned about what?" Ghost asks to Shadow, "I want this…"

"She will make you squirm. She goes all out, and won't stop till she gets your soles to a point they can't move… She doesn't play it like some easy foreplay- she tickles girls roughly… Good luck- I taught her." Shadow chuckles. She walks away from Ghost's back, teleporting out of the building.

"W-wait… What was she-" She notice Audrey tying rope around her ankles and wrapping the rope around her lower section of her legs. Ghost blinks at Audrey's sudden motion, blushing slightly, not doing this on purpose now.

"You really enjoy tickling girls, don't you?" concluding that from Shadow's statement and staring at Audrey's action.

"In a certain spot…" Audrey answer.

"Their soles?" Ghost guessed correctly. "Someone has a nasty foot fetish…"

"Hell yeah. I love how they squirm…" Ghost found Audrey's nail meeting one of her toes, biting her lower lip, curling her toes. Audrey continues her explanation, "Oh… How soft they are… Not only that, I just love the way the feet are so ticklish! They just squirm about, then you can further the restrains if needed… How they taunt me ever so!" Ghost blush was still there.

"My feet aren't that soft… AHH!!!" Ghost found herself feeling Audrey's nails claw at the very middle of her eight size soles. Her toes curl up as wrinkles form through the middle of her soles.

"You shouldn't tease me hun… You're get it twice as bad… And not only that- I thought you wanted me to make you laugh?"

"Make me laugh…! And you can't possibly make m laugh!"  Audrey smiles, stroking her soles very slowly. Her nail did not leave her feet as they flail around and curl their cute piggies. Audrey grab one of her soles tightly, placing her arm in in the middle of the two soles, holding Ghost's left foot as this  prevents any attempt to defend her left sole. Her right foot kicks against Audrey's right arm and hand, feeling Audrey's index finger stroke up and down Ghost's left sole. The white elf begins to giggle, trying hard not to laugh, shaking her head.

"Oh… playing hard huh… I can make it REALLY hard for you to fight back…" Audrey unleash her sharp nails down at the toes to her heel. The move made Ghost's left foot jerk viciously in the bond, giggling now as her toes curl up madly. Her foot was held tight by Audrey's right hand, purposely stabbing her nails into the held foot watching Ghost's mouth unleash some more giggles.

"Nohehheheheheheheehhe ehe heh ehhehee!"  Audrey takes the chance to tickle all out on her left sole. She runs her fingers all over her heel watching the girl giggle madly… Giggles seem to be produce from such tickles even on her toes. Audrey stops to pull something out Ghost took the chance to take a breather. Audrey seems to be searching her kimono for something.. A small thread of rope was pulled out of her kimono and into Audrey's hand, bearing the brown color. Ghost's eyes seem a bit skeptical, curling her toes in defense of Audrey's plan.

"Ohhhhh no! You will not…Ohehehehehehheheheahahehehahe! Nohehehehe fairirhhehehehe" Audrey begins to tickle her heels, watching her toes and feet wiggle around madly. Audrey glares at Ghost.

"You tease me, you're getting it to the fullest hun…"

"Howoehhehehe aobuehhehehehehbouththeeheh theheheheheh repepehahahrirrishsrhehehe!?" Ghost asks. Audrey could assume what she said. It was the repairs on the machine… Eh…

"You can do that later… right now, you are mine." Audrey continues her tickles, running her fingers up and down her soles, "Come on… you know you want to have your two big toes tied… They want it so badly- look, they're shaking in anticipation! Your feet need to be tied up for such extreme treatment from me! Oh! How help less they will be!"

"Hehehehehe ehehehehe eheh he hehehehehe!" Ghost manage to say. Surprisingly… Ghost did not ask for the tickling to stop. Wow, she really enjoys this, does she? Audrey could see her toes giving way, going to uncurl any second now… But she needs to have them squirm around for a good amount of seconds… Wait. Audrey picks the feather Ghost place in front of her soles and slides the feather between her toes easily. Her eyes pop open, laughing madly at the sensation, shaking her head as her blush took to a moderate shade that can be seen. Audrey dust the feather all over her toes, sawing it between her toes. When she saw the feather in between her toes, they wiggled around crazily. Audrey took the chance and tie her two big toes together. Ghost blush as she tries to wiggle her two big toes out of the tying process. Audrey held onto her two big toes, watching her other toes squirm around. Audrey wraps the thread around her toes, tightening the piece so it would hold them real close. Along with this, she place the thread around the lower base of her toes to ensure they wouldn't curl up, and to secure the toe tie even more, Audrey grabs one last piece of string and pull her bound toes to a point they couldn't squirm. She ties the thread around the tie of her big toes to the ankles as the secure held her toes back and secured.. Ghost groans lightly. She tries to make an attempt to move her big toes. She  finds the other toes moving around instead feeling desperate as her feet were unable to flail around or even move madly.

"Soooo mean." tease Ghost having a slight frown, but her blush was there still.

"I am not." Audrey tease, showing the feather in her had, "How about this… You do not laugh for five minutes with the toe tie on- I'll take them off… And I'll let you tickle me in your spot and in your condition… And if you do not survive the five minutes, well, the toe tie stays, but I'm going to lick these soles… and you go back to work." Ghost blush at the idea.

"How long can I tickle you if I win?"

"IF you win…. As long as you want…" Ghost seems  enlightened, giving a good smirk to Audrey, accepting the challenge and the terms.

"Alright… we begin…" Audrey starts to use her nails only. Ghost jerk at the nails, biting hard on her lower lip, twisting and turning. Her body jumps up and down, trying to ease the tickling frenzy Audrey was giving. She was giving a hard scratching motion purposely clawing up and down. Her other toes curl up as the two big toes try to get out of the toe tie still… or even move in such bonds. They just stood still though, the skulls were seen above the rope. Audrey continues this for a minute… Wow, she is really holding her laughs in… She continues, teasing the very insteps of her soles, watching a bewildered Ghost. Her hair flying across her face. Audrey stops to use the feather. Ghost curl her other toes immediately. Audrey place the feather above her other toes, making a motion that she will tickle them and saw in between them. Ghost found herself bucking at the bonds, screaming at the sudden deception. Audrey lowers the feather lightly over the toes, but the feather dash across the top of her toes to viciously dust all over her two big toes. Audrey focus on the pads of her tied toes, watching Ghost shaking her head madly, controlling her laughter in her mouth, but tears forming in her eyes. Audrey slid one of her hands underneath her left curl toes, lifting them and prying them out of their defense. Audrey slide the feather between the gap, watching Ghost throw her head back, trying her best to keep it in. Screams were unleash in her mouth, making a of movement. She was shaking the table she was restrained on as her face was getting drench in tears and some slight sweat. Her face was really red though… Maybe she wanted to laugh and Audrey was making this a bit harder on her… Hmm… Still, Audrey place a bet and she accepted the challenge-

Oh god! Four minutes pass already… Audrey is going to lose… Wait a second… Audrey place the long feather between her right toes, all of them. She place it expertly in a curved way starting from the space between the big toe and the other toe ending with the pinky toe… Ghost found herself giggling even if the tickling was not intense anymore, Audrey motioning her right hand at her heel. Audrey begins to tickle Ghost's heel in a light manner, not actually teasing, but having that teasing feeling that she is tickling that area. Ghost yells as her toes were squirming on instinct than control. Audrey slowly move the feather from the space as it slides underneath the loose toes. The move seems to push Ghost into a closed state, her mouth shaking from such resistance…

"Laugh woman, laugh! You know you want to!" Audrey lick the tips of her nails, clawing her toes on the left foot as the feather twirl around and go underneath the right toes. Ghost's eyes burst open…

She loses.

Her mouth unleash the laughter, shaking her head and trying her best to ease the tickling sensation. Her feet were pulling at the toe tie, moving left to right slightly as her other toes were unable to cooperate with their true motives. Audrey pull the feather away from her toes as well as her hand, smiling at Ghost.

"You lose~." Audrey said in utmost triumph. Ghost was panting heavily. Audrey gives a good minute or two break. Audrey sits close to Ghost, grabbing her chin and pulling it into her glance.

"I will get you back!" Ghost said, blushing, "I will…"

"Don't forget… I have permission to lick these soles…" Audrey said, licking her lips in a teasing manner. Ghost blush madly at the thought, accepting the fact she lost to this hybrid elf human. She close her eyes and open her mouth, saying…

"D-don't tickle them while you lick them…I rather you worship now…"

"Nah, I'm tickling them." Audrey declares, rushing to her soles, "I'll worship them and tickle them…" Ghost was going to stop Audrey, say something to ease such sensations driven through her body once, but she was in no position to make any objections. Ghost found herself jumping once more, trying to ease the tickling sensation. Audrey begins to nibble on four of her toes, chewing them out and purposely licking rapidly to create that tickling feeling. Audrey lick the space between her toes to hear that laugh from Ghost's mouth. Audrey adds her fingers, clawing her nails at he middle of her soles as her toes were entering into Audrey's teeth by action. Ghost was laughing in a subtle and steady manner as Audrey continues her worship tickle. Ghost was crying with a blushing face as moans and laughs mix in together. Her feet were quivering by Audrey's foreplay, loving the very treatment she was receiving. Audrey stops the tickling, licking each toe, purposely setting her saliva all over them, massaging her soles suddenly as her face flourish once more. Audrey stops and undid all of her bonds.

"Alright… back to work." Audrey orders. Ghost seems a bit displease of the sudden session already over. Her eyes shot wide open, having her hands on the side of the table.

"W-what!?" Ghost was disappointed by the end of such foreplay.

"Oh come on… You still need to help me before I can give you more…" Audrey tease.

"Ha, now you're teasing me… YOU ARE asking for it." Ghost quoted that from someone… Audrey laughs.

"Well, if you can get me, then yeah… I'm all yours." The two smile at one another cheerfully. "Your soles are awfully tasty though… I have to get some sort of assortment to add to your soles…" Audrey tease, "And I should tie all of your toes, just to make you go mad…" Ghost blush and smiles. "Wait… what are you blushing about now?" Audrey asks.

"Well… If you want to do that… can you do it if I break one of your machines- I can be in a maid's outfit and you can tickle torture me, then we can… have some excellent 'fun.'" Audrey seems aroused by such a scenario, giving a delighted smile and closed eyes. "That sounds like some good ice cream…"

"Well," Shadow said, appearing out of nowhere, "Audrey… there are some things that must be dealt with first…" Audrey pouts, but shrugs. She turns to Ghost. "I have to take care of some duties now…Alright, catch you later Ghost."

"You too Audrey… Oh great… I have to work with a mess on my feet! Thanks!" The two girls giggle as Shadow leaves the room with Audrey. The five assistants enter the room to help Ghost once more.

"I'm joining in this tickle session." Shadow states.

"No uh-"Audrey said, finding a sudden Shadow pulling her close to her breasts, finding her hands clawing the hybrid's side.

"Uh huh." Shadow said, folding her arms, "Besides… Don't you want to see if she…"

"You're asking for too much- you're extremely naughty Shadow!" Audrey exclaims.

"I am not… All if for milady…" Shadow tease Audrey, tickling her breasts. Audrey blush. The two enter an abandoned room. Shadow kicks the door close, locking it.  

"I'll make sure you're wet first… and I know who will help…"
Story from the pic I draw along with the pic that inspired me to draw an do this...
(I drew v)

(The pic :iconkatadude: drew v)

Well, I edit the story and I hope you lot enjoy it P:

Rightful ownder of Ghost Helix :iconkatadude:

My OCs ----> Audrey and Shadow (plus Swi'zick, but it was a minor role)
cartoonfan108 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Its a really great story.
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Thanks ^ ^
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Your story was very detailed and attention grabbing. It was fun reading it. ^_^
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